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The Infernal Names

This is for my fantasy role play club:

Anyone can come and join. There are kinda two stories going on right now. Demons(Satin's demons) and Angels(God's
angels) and Shadow Guardians vs. The Infernal Names. I need to get back Auzure to continue the Demons and Angels story
line. We have started over multiple times but I'm really into this one. But anyways, this page is just The Infernal
Names members. There got to be a lot of members so I'm putting a page of the characters so its not too much on the topic
and not annoying to scroll down.


Second in Command:

Austin Joye


Name: King Alaric

Name: Hunter Burns


Name: Seth Kraner
#6  Note: He has split personalities that
he was born with. He suffers with controlling his darker side but he hates to admit to the fact that he has been
overwhelmed with darkness and it will eventually break free from him. He's running from himself and joined the Infernal
Names to train himself to control his darker side.

#7  Note: His parents were killed when he was an infant and he's
been alone since

Alec Dubois
#8  Note: He's a telepath who can't
control his powers and loses control when he's angry.

Name: Tyler Petterson (Claimed by Oz_The_Neko_Master)
#9  Note: He's the hacker of the group

Name: Demetrius Amos



Name: Sora

Name: Korrine Patterson (Owned By Ozzy)








Add more later. While I get more character, people should give names for the 26 I have so far. <3

I'd prefer my members to comment on club topic instead:
Link to this page: copy-paste
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‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣› says:   15 June 2012   385618  
I LOVE these charecters!!! I can really see all the different types of
personalities. :O I can't wait to create mine..

P.s. The extra charecters I had, besides Flex and Daemen, I'm just going to "Forget"
them. Like the sister/wife and Daemen's kids. They seemed like baggage.
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says :   15 June 2012   907339  
Yeah. You can also take a character from here but if it has a 'note' you should keep
that note in mind and do your character based on it. 

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