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I Hate...

I hate....

1. People who think there better than everybody else
Example: Like 2 months ago, I was in health class and we were put into groups. I stared into space and was a bout to
have a breakdown. The girl asked me to read but I said I couldn't. She said to the other girls "I hate people like that.
So ignorant." I almost went ape shit on her. She made me feel worst.

2. People who say I don't need therapy. Everyone has break downs once in a while. My opinion: I don't think its normal
if I have break downs constantly. Especially for me.

3. Those who call gays fags who use the term fag out of context. How would you like someone to walk up to you and call
you a fag? Your probably a fag yourself and are harassing others cause your hiding that your really gay.

4. HOMOPHOBICS >< Alright so you think its disgusting for two men or two women to be kissing? How is it any different
for a man and a women kissing? Plus at least they can be proud to be gay. Most people have to pretend to be someone else
cause they are afraid to be themselves

5. Posers

6. Girls who think they are pretty but really they are fatasses

7. Girl who are really pretty to take pictures of themselves and call themselves ugly so other people can tell them they
are pretty.

8. Twilight and Twilight fans (Well known fact of how much I absolutely hate twilight)

9. Girls who say they like vampires but have never even heard of Dracula. Its one of the original stories that made
vampires known. Its all Twilights fault.

10. People who fall in love easily and are heart broken when the boy breaks up with them. Get over it! Its High School.
Boys come and go.
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  Lucy_Destroys_Humanity — Page created: 2 May 2012
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‹↑Oh•Touch•My•Tralalala↓› shouts:   8 May 2012   511833  
Dude... Amen
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says :   8 May 2012   733333  
Hell yah. I was kinda raging a that moment but its all true 

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