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Favorite Book Scene of all time

This is my favorite book scene of all time. There is more to it but this is the most gruesome. Little fetus ate his way
out of his mommy:

The light from the hallway spilled across a women sitting motionless in a rocking chair. She carried a small, squirming
bundle in her arms. It was feeding. "Hello?" Reggie's voice sounded thin, like old parchment. The women did not answer,
but at the sound of Reggie's voice, the infant at her breast stopped sucking. Her heart pounded as she fumbled for the
light switch and turned it on. The mother had been dead for hours, her eyes still open, her tongue hanging out, purple
and swollen. But her child had continued to feed, tiny hands scratching at grey, sagging flesh. The baby did not feast
on its mothers milk, but on her blood and flesh. With tiny, needlelike fangs, it had bored an apple-sized hole through
her chest, and a stream of deep red dripped down the soft rolls of the creatures chin. The mother's abdomen was ripped
open, as if the ravenous offspring had eaten its way out of her. What remained of her entrails spilled over her
lap and down onto the floor.
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