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Spy Girl -- Part 2 -- Walking Home

Hope you love the story!!! Please read these before reading this one: Spy Girl (Story I Will Be Writing) -- Characters Spy Girl -- Part 1 -- First Day of School Characters:
elouai's doll maker 3
The rest of the day was a blur. Finally, I was on my walk home. I was about half way to my house when my cell phone rang. It was Emma. “Hello!” I said. “Hey! I have a question for you!” said Emma. “Shoot!” I said. “Well, can you join cheer leading with me?” I wasn’t shocked. She has been asking me since 6th grade (that’s when you start). I have been saying yes. “I have to think about it,” I said. “Okay!” said Emma, and hung up. She knew it was going to be a yes. I sighed. My friends are great friends, but sometimes they put pressure on me. “Lady you need to come with us,” said this us that was wearing all black. “Excuse me?” I asked. He then grabbed my arm, and pushed me into a black car. *“Buckle up,” he said, and drove off top speed. “Where are we going?” I asked in a scared tone. “Don’t worry. I am not going to hurt you.” “How did I know that?” “You will find out soon enough.” Then like an hour later I was at this really big building. I went inside and met a ton of people. My “boss” is Mr. Sweet, but everyone calls him Marshall, and that’s what I have to call him, too. Then they made me sit down at this big circle table, everyone sitting around it. “Eva it is kind of late to ask you this, but…” said Marshall. “You mean to tell her this. She can’t decide yes or no,” said one guy. “Well, you are going to be a spy,” said Marshall. I swear I wasn’t sitting down I would have fainted. “Excuse me?” I asked. “You will be training to be a spy. Most kids have to go to a camp, but some how we couldn’t find you . Anyways after you eat dinner you will come here,” said Marshall. “Oh, and don’t forget that you can’t tell anyone about you being a spy,” said Tom the guy who picked me up, and now he is my personal driver. “Okay, fine…but maybe I should be getting home. Its kind of late for me,” I said, and then off I went back home to only tell my mom I was out shopping. Then I finally hit my bed and fell fast asleep. Still feeling kind of shocked for me being a spy, and realizing I couldn’t join anything at school. Comment if you like, or just wanted to tell me something. :D Next part: Spy Girl -- Part 3 -- Second Day
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hannahboo says:   30 September 2009   768574  
yaaaaaaaaaa you wrote more 
‹⋟♪〜дℓ○ηε тσℊє†нεℛ, αℓω› says:   3 October 2009   565998  
Oooh! A spy!
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   3 October 2009   562313  

Yeah, she is one.
‹Queen Of Thee Pit Of Darkness xD› says:   11 October 2009   748937  
Awww I like it!
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   11 October 2009   642643  
Link_13 says:   15 October 2009   383135  
It was okay. But it just didn't really flow. Why is she have to be a spy? How do
they know her?
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   15 October 2009   827769  
Thanks for the questions! I will add it later. Maybe the days I have writers block.
‹We Try To Protect the World from Oroborus21› says:   17 October 2009   279826  
‹We Try To Protect the World from Oroborus21› says:   17 October 2009   113356  
‹We Try To Protect the World from Oroborus21› says:   17 October 2009   148928  
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   18 October 2009   659929  
I am already on the list. What more do you want me to do?
EpicFaith says:   22 October 2009   545386  
i like it :3 but yew shud include more information. like teh main character
questioning instead of just saying okay. its good tho :D
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says :   23 October 2009   336916  
Thanks for the tips!

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