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Spy Girl -- Part 7 -- Sunday

This part is kind of short. Hope you like it!!
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The next morning my head did hurt; must have been from tall the thinking. I can’t tell Max though. Argh! I went downstairs to find yet another note: Eva, Job…Max…day good. Mom Well, this is just fabulous. I ate breakfast and the clock already said 10:30. I had to leave at noon. I decided to call James again, but no answer. Max came down with his friends following him. “So who’s coming over today?” asked Carmen. “Oh! I hope its Paige,” said Tyler. I laughed. “What?” I asked. “Aren’t you friends with them?” asked Seth. I laughed even harder. “Nope,” I said finally. “Why not?” everyone asked at the same time. “They want me to be in their group, but I don’t want to.” “Why not?’ asked Max while trying to make eggs. “They have rules you have to follow.” “Like what?” asked Joey. “1. You have to have blond hair only! Fail all your classes. 3. You have to be good at shopping. Oh, and I can’t forget 4. You have to be rich.” “Well, those would be easy rules to follow,” said Joey, but then made a face liked he regretted saying it. Then everyone, but me, looked at Max. Wait am I missing something? “Oh, crap! Is that the time?” I asked and noticed it was almost noon. I ran out of there and got changed. “I am going shopping with everyone! Bye!” I yelled. Luckily I was on time. Today I was learning more stuff and taking three different tests. If I pass all of them I move up to level two. Level one is the easiest. Level two is harder than level one, but not as hard as level three. Level three is the hardest and you have to take ten different tests before you are actually a spy. Four hours later and Marshall had a talk with me. “You passed,” he said. “YAY!” I yelled. “If you do well you will be a spy by prom.” “Prom?” I asked. “Yeah, Junior Prom.” “So like more than two years?” “Well, if you are lucky than you get a mission before that. If you completed it you get to be spy without passing the levels. Yet, don’t get your hopes up, because we haven’t had a mission for a year now. That is for people that are training to be a spy.” “Well, I have to get home,” I said disappointed. I got up and walked into the limo. Argh! I can’t believe I am not going to be a spy right away. When I got home I saw Max sitting in the kitchen that looked like he was doing homework. Argh! I haven’t even started that, and I have three tests on Monday. “Why didn’t you by anything?” asked Max. “Oh, didn’t like anything,” I said. “That’s a surprise,” said Max. “What? Do yu7 really think that you know girls?” “Yeah.” “Well, you don’t.” Then I looked at the piece of paper. “What is that?” I asked. “Oh, just homework.” “That looks like MY homework.” “Let me see.” I got it out, and to find the exact same questions. “Weird!” I said. Then I had a brilliant idea. “Can I copy?” I asked. Then Max gave me a weird look. “If they find out…” “I know! We get expelled. It happened to a couple of girls last year.” He just starred at me. “Well, I guess, but just this once,” he said in a worried voice, and handed me the piece of paper. “Thanks!” I said, and saw his face. It looked like he really didn’t want to give it to me. I copied, but did change it up a little. Then I started the rest. I could not copy off him again. I finally finished my homework at midnight, and yet I still had a lot of things on my mind. 1. What would Ella think of me after I told Emma that she can have the first shot at Max? 2. Where have I heard those words James said? 3. I won’t be a spy until two years. How is that possible?
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