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 Country At Heart,<3
Alright, well.. First of all, love me or hate me.. I could care less. I don't do well with FAKE people... in fact i can't stand them. But, I'm an interesting person once you get to know(:. Hmm... music is my life! No matter how i feel there's always a country song out there somewhere to get me through anything(:.. My favorites? I gotta list(:. 1.) She's My Kinda Crazy (Brantley Gilbert) 2.) Whiskey Lullaby (Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss) 3.) Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not (Thompson Square) 4.) Clear As Day (Scotty McCreery) 5.) Trouble With Girls (Scotty McCreery) 6.) My Heart Can't Tell You No (Sara Evans) 7.) That's How You Know (Chris Young) 8.) Tomorrow (Chris Young) And anything else by Scotty McCreery(:.. I like ALOT more, but I can't think of the names since my parents took my Droid. Alright.. well, I'm on my highschools color and winter guard teams(:. Its amazing and has definitely took me out of my shell(:! Am I Single? At the moment, unfortunately yeah Iam. I'm hoping when school stars back he will see how much I miss him, and hopefully he will miss me, too. If he doesn't I guess I just getta see him and let him see how much it hurts to see him everyday and not be able to say yeah... that's my baby. He said we would last this time, but I guess everything happens for a reason. No matter what happens in the you have to move on, even though it'll take me a while this time. I really do miss him with all my heat. We had dated before, and he was absolutely perfect. I guess people change though. I know this profile is a lot to read, but I think you should really half way no me before you talk to me. Because, if you don't know me, you may end up not liking mee.. What do I look for in a guy? You should be sweet, always pay attention to me.. know that some days I just wanna be left alone. Also, no that some days I would love to go hunting, fishing, mudding, and anything else along those line.. and other days I wanna stay home and do my nails or hair(: you should be my best friend.. and my worse enemy.. just be yourself and not what not what others want you to be. I love country guys(:. Just the way their voice and accent sounds is adorable. Sorry its just my opinion(:. But, you should know I do NOT internet date, thanks(:! YOU HAVE TO READ! Alright, guys yes this is for you. I can't believe I actually even have to write this. Guys used to be so sweet, and they have definately changed... now they don't even care how they treat use girls. There was a point I had the best boyfriend ever. He cared more about me than anything in this world, and I let him go. I only let him go because I thought one of his friends were cute. Which was stupid. I was his world and he was mine. Unfortunatly, he is still my world, and I'm nothing to him. He basically hates, I keep trying to make it work, and try to get him back. It kills me having to see him everyday. He is so perfect. But, he has changed so much, and now he cuss, unfortunatly, most of the time the cussing is aimed towards me. Nothing I can do about now I guess. I miss him, and there is probably no moving on from him. But, I will always try. And if he ever says he wants me back, or changes his opinion about me, I will be right here waiting for him.. Guys treat your girls right, please.. Love? I whole heartily believe in love. Mainly because I've been in love before, it doesn't work out sometimes. But, you can never give up on love. The right one will come along, and you will be so in love(:! Hobbies? Uhh... when it comes to what I like to do, I'm the biggest tomboy you'll ever meet. I like to hunt, fish, go riding, and go mudding.. yep(:! You wouldn't believe it though.. my hair and makeup are always done. I'm never cuaghr without it(:. Pets? Yep, I got 3(:.. 1.) Boston Terrier (7 or 8 years old) 2.) Great Pyrenees (just turned one, he's my big baby( 3.) Austrillan Shepard (6 or 7 months, he's adorable) The Great Pyrenees and Austrillan Shepard are outside in a HUGE lot. The Boston Terrier is inside and he is so spoiled(:.. Movies? 1.) Remeber Me 2.) Nightmare Before Christmas 3.) Corspe Bride 4.) Alice in Wonderland 5.) The Notebook 6.) P.S. I Love You 7.) The Twilight Saga Ambition? Well, I love doing my hair and makeup and other peoples as well. So, I'm going to go to Vo-Tech (That's what they call it where I live), but anways Vo-Tech is basically like going into a carrer and taking the classes you would have to in college.. Anyways, I want to go to Vo-Tech and begin to study for cosmotology.. I would have went this year, but they don't let freshman. School? Ohmygoshh, high-school is absolutely crazy. At mine almost everyone is country. But, like everywhere else, we got a bunch of different kinds of people. 1.) We have the preps that like to act like they weren't born where they were, and don't wanna be who the really are. those would be the FAKE people that i can't stand. Some of them are all right when they aren't around the other ones. But, over all I don't really get along with them. 2.) We have the stoners... yeah, not the best group in my opinion. But, hey it works for some people. One of my best friends are actually in ABIC right now for having pot at school.. Yeah, I know, she was asking for it. But, she gets to come back next year. I miss her so much. 3.) We have the people that like to act like their all tough and can do anything and take on anyone. Yep, you could of probably guess it. Most of them are freshman. I ain't gonna sit there and be quite if I have an opinion, trust me you're gonna hear my opinion when I have one.(:, Just saying(:.. 4.) We have the country people.. this is more of my group. I'm really one of the only girls out of the people I hang out with. I get along much better with guys. I love my friends.. They're absolutely amazing(:. Smoke? Nope, that's not my thing. Thanks. I believe smoking is terrible, all it does is cause cancer and other terrible health issues.. What do I see in other people? I see their ture self. I believe everyone deserves a second chance, even though that has caused me a lot more heart ache than needed. But oh well, if someone can be helped out of a problem, you better believe i will be right there helping them through it.. I like to believe I can give good advice and that I am a good friend.. God? I whole heatily believe in a God.. I actually recently was saved(:. Bio? Welp, my name is Sarah Beth. You can sing to me on July 10th... Amazing friend, and currently single, but trust me that'll change pretty soon if me and Jaocb keep talking. Jacob does not have a Kupika.. although I wish he did because he doesn't get service at his house.. which means I haven't been able to talk to him through all of Christmas break. Ughh, it sucks. This is gonna make me sound like a nerd, but I love school. Mainly the friend part, unless the teacher is super nice and tells alot of storys(:.. My classes this semester are 1.) Honors Algebra.. 2.) Comp. English.. 3.) Biology.. 4.) Ag... My classes last semester where way better. Everyone says that Ag is super hard, so I'm kinda scared about that, but most of my friends are in there with me(:.. About me? ~ Country at heart for sure ~ Never fake, always real.. If I don't like you, trust me, I will let you know, just saying(:. Me in general? *Everyday look? 1.) Tank with hoodie on top(:. 2.) Boots (I love my boots with fur, but i recently got actual boots (Ariat) and their AMAZING( *Makeup? 1.) Not much all over face.. 2.) White eyeshadow.. DARK gray in crease.. 3.) EYELINER!! (love!) 4.) MASCARA!! (love, love, love!) *Hair? 1.) Brown with a very reddish tent.. 2.) It gets dyed bout 3 times a year (Summer- pink, blue, purple, and green... Winter- dark colors... Spring- bleach blonde highlights) 3.) Always flat iron it.. I can't stand it frizzy..

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That's bout it,, Thanks for reading dears(:.. Love Y'all,<3
Eli Young Band--Even If It Breaks Your Heart Way back on the radio dial The fire got lit inside a bright eyed child Every note just wrapped around his soul From steel guitars to Memphis all the way to rock and roll Oh I can hear 'em playin I can hear the ringing of a beat up old guitar Oh I can hear 'em singing Keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart Downtown is where I used to wander Old enough to get there but too young to get inside So I would stand out on the sidewalk Listen to the music playin every Friday night Oh I can hear 'em playin I can hear the ringing of a beat up old guitar Oh I can hear 'em singing Keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart Some dreams stay with you forever Drag you around and bring you back to where you were Some dreams keep on getting better Gotta keep believing if you wanna know for sure Oh I can hear 'em playin I can hear the ringing of a beat up old guitar Oh I can hear 'em singing Keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart


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1 Mar 12
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And we will never rest, 'til we're all fucking...

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Q&A Section   
krissykatladylover 31 Dec 11  
I just wanna say, youu are compleatly gorgeous deary(: Have a happy new years.
LoveLikeJohnnyAndJune 31 Dec 11  
Awee, thanks you so much! And youu too(:!
KayKay183 28 Dec 11  
oh cool!! lol i will try it lol
LoveLikeJohnnyAndJune 28 Dec 11  
alright(:.. This summer mine was bright blonde on top... pink in my bangs...
and blue underneath(:... i loved it, but my school don't allow it, so now my
hair is just redish brown.. my friends is bright blonde on top and black
underneath right now..
KayKay183 28 Dec 11  
oh cool.. so like where do u dye it first? cuz i wanna experiment with my hair
LoveLikeJohnnyAndJune 28 Dec 11  
i always dye the bottom layer first that way if you want less underneath then
what you dyed you can dye more of the top layer until you have your hair the way
you want it
KayKay183 28 Dec 11  
waahh lol thats so cool i wanna learn how to do thaat
LoveLikeJohnnyAndJune 28 Dec 11  
she always has me dye hers in layers and then highlights on top.. it looks
pretty in the end though(:
KayKay183 28 Dec 11  
lol yeah.. ive fucked up a few times XD
LoveLikeJohnnyAndJune 28 Dec 11  
Haha(:, my friend Miranda has her hair like yours her cousin cuts it for her,
but i dye it for her
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