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Hello, my name is Logos.  I am the leader and Alpha of the Coven
known as Hybrid's Potential, as you know.  I am a Vampire/Therian
Hybrid in the Awakening process who seeks the aid of another Hybrid
who has come to his or her full nature.  If you require payment for
services that I will mention in the following paragraphs, name your
price, as I do have extensive deposits.  

	I first believed that I was an Awakening Vampire.  This means that I
would have been born a latent Vampire (I would have been born in a
human body with a dormant Vampiric side), and that during my Awakening
I would slowly, physically transform into my true nature: a physical
Vampire.  From what I hear, this process can take between a few
months and many years.  Then, I started to drift to the other side of
the spectrum, Therians (also known as Werewolves in human terms).  I
noticed a fascination, bordering on obsession, with nature,
specifically forests at night.  I began to feel an affinity for
wolves, especially silver and white ones; I later found out that my
Therianthropic phenotype is a silver wolf.  I attempted to physically
shift (short form: p-shift), and was not successful, but made good
headway; I believe I will be successful the next time I find time to
try.  I am rather bogged down with miles of things to do, so it is
hard to find time alone to practice.  For these reasons, I believe
that I am actually a cross between a Therian and a Vampire.  I refer
to myself as a Hybrid, but some would call what I am a "werepyre", or
the more derogatory term "halfbreed".  

	I am now going to go into a bit of biology, so if you do not
understand something, just ask and I will try to explain it to the
best of my abilities.  I believe that the reason that all of this is
happening to me is because I have, from birth, had a retrovirus within
my blood that does not cause pathological symptoms or host cell lysis.
 I believe that this retrovirus was dormant until my teenage years,
when the hormone called telomerase, produced in highest quantities
during the teenage years, stimulated the virus to "activate" and exit
it's dormant stage.  The virus would have affixed itself onto some of
my cells and injected ribonucleic acid with a reverse transcriptase.
 This reverse transcriptase caused the ribonucleic acid to be
retranscribed into deoxyribonucleic acid, which would then integrate
itself into the central genetic material of the nucleus.  From here,
the infected cell would begin producing more viruses under the
instruction of the foreign genetic material, which would be launched
out probably by pushing out and taking a small piece of the cell
membrane.  The new viruses, disguised as real cells due to the cell
membrane that they took, may infect other cells without objection from
the immune system, and the whole process would happen again.  

	The problem with this is that the Hybrid virus seems to reproduce
rather slowly.  This means that infection, and subsequently the
modification of my body into a full Hybrid, cannot happen until every
cell in my body is infected, and that will take quite some time.  I
have devised a remedy for this problem, which is essentially where you
come in, if you agree to this.  Before I tell you about the remedy,
you must understand three things.  The least important of the three
is the psychological effect this has on me.  I am stuck between
humanity and Hybridism; do you have any idea how psychologically
taxing that is on me?  I am sure that if I do not transform into my
full nature soon, I will go utterly insane.  The second most
important would be the risk of my death.  There is an organization
known only as the Institute, as it's real name is not currently known.
 It is against all non-human individuals and wishes to kill such
people.  I am near the top of their assassination list because I am
the Alpha of a rather potent coven.  I have an inside source that has
informed me that the date at which I will be killed is in February.
 I cannot get any more detail because that insider is now dead - she
was discovered and promptly shot dead.  I must have as much strength
as possible to overpower them and stay alive.  As such, I must Awaken
before February, which is impossible without your help.  The third
and most important reason is to protect my wife.  Charmaine, my wife,
is also on that list.  The Institute thinks they can get to me if
they get to her first.  I must protect her, and to do that I must
fully Awaken.  

	My theory is that if you bit me and allowed a significant amount of
your saliva to enter my bloodstream, my cells would have access to
more of the Hybrid virus.  In theory, this should double the rate at
which I transform; perhaps more if I am particularly fortunate.  

	So my ultimate question is this: will you bite me and allow a
significant amount of saliva to enter my bloodstream?  In return, you
may drink as much of my blood as you wish, so long as you do not kill
or hurt me (if you lose control, I can always push you away - I am
rather strong).  If you require other payment for service, I do have
extensive deposits of money, so you may name your price.  I do,
however, hope that you can find it within yourself to do this out of
kindness alone.  

Alpha of Hybrid's Potential


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