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 Hi! I am a faerie gelert. A neopet!
Hello! I am Naita, and my nickname is Little Gelert, since I am smaller than most gelerts. I am 11 years old. I really like dancing, and like roleplaying. I get scared really easily. Oh, and are you wondering how I got these wings??? Well, this is what happened... I was just born 2 days ago, and my family was making paper wings because I was going to be painted fairy, and we were waiting for Sen, who was going to get it to us. But, when Sen came, she tripped and the paintbrush went flying--bonked me in the head--and landed on a green, shaded, spiky pair of wings. A bright light took place and when it faded, I had green spiky wings!!! It was crazy--and in no time my brother got jealous. We are always fighting, but Sen always comes to stop us. Sen is my adopted Sister. She is so nice! And it is weird because she is a lupe, not a gelert. Other Stuff: I really like the movie Homeward Bound, The Incredible Journey. It is totally awesome!! Awesome Awesome Awesome! Please Please Please Please Please Watch it! PLEASE!! Made in 1987 gfhj It is about a Dog named Chance, a Cat named Sassy, and a Dog named Shadow. Chance is like the narrator. He is really funny! He is an American Bulldog. He is dog in the middle. Sassy is a sassy cat. She can be funny, too. She is really picky. She seems to dislike Chance, but actually likes him. She is a himalayan cat. She is the cat on the right. Shadow is a very loyal dog. He cares, and got the whole idea. He is usally one of the best animal in this show. He is very lovable. He is a Golden Retriever. He is the dog on the right. Homeward Bound I also really like Homeward Bound II, Lost in San Francisco! It is also awesome!! Made in 1996 It is when the family is going on a camping trip to Canada, and they have to go to San Francisco first, and they got loose there. They try going home, and run into a bunch of Street Dogs. The leader is a dog named Riley, and Chance and one of the dogs fall in love. The dog's name is Delilah, and they are heartbroken when they have to leave each other. This is a really good action packed film and PLEASE PLEASE WATCH IT!! It is awesome! home 2 I wish they would live long enough enough for a Homeward Bound III... Likes: Dogs Animals Neopets Art School Drawing Pets Nice People Friends Kupika Colors But loves the most...... WEBKINZ!!!!!! webkinz I have a Husky named Kyla, Yellow Lab named Alexa, Chocolate Lab named Jamie, Cocker Spaneil named Nina, a Lil Kinz Golden Retriver named Lilly, a Collie named Chelsie, a Golden Retriever named Daisy, and a Cocker Spaneil named Arabella. Hates: Mean People Blood Killers Dog Fights Fighting Annoying People Gor A really nice picture of me naruto_fan_101 made for me! Such a great picture! Thanks! <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/RnsH03v7m9g&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param></object> Naruto: “Here comes NARUTO dance music/chorus!” Sakura: “We'll sing a lot today!” Naruto: “Also I will liven up heavily!” Sakura: “Then, everyone, together!” Naruto: “Let's dance! Do it for me, SHIKAMARU!” Shikmaru: NARUTO, Rasengan Kage Bunshin SAKURA Sha-n naro, SASUKE wa Chidori Sharingan INO Shinten- SHIKAMARU Kagemane CHOUJI Nikudan Sensha de gorogoro KIBA, AKAMARU Gatsuuga HINATA, SHINO NEJI Byakugan, TENTEN, LEE- Omote Renge, Ura Renge de ho! KONOHAMARU wa Oirioke no jutsu! (^Characters and their Jutsu's) Naruto: Life is momentum. Let's go vigorously. As wear a twisted towel, it's time for merrymaking. Till exhaust Chakra, let's go vigorously. On the moonlight night, dance and show the spirits Sakura: I would rather make the accounts balance and pray than sigh. Naruto: Let's go! Sakura/Naruto: Let's dance over night in Leaf Country. If you sound Chidori, It's Sennen goroshi (1,000 Years of Pain). Kuchiyose no jutsu, Enter the GAMA OYABIN, okay. Sakura: As sound a drum, the party starts I can't wait till tomorrow Gatsuuga with a spirit! With Akamaru, too! Can you hear Iruka? We will begin the party! We will start, little by little, here and there, from the dawn to the dusk Naruto: I eat in Ichiraku Ramen when I get hungry Why don't you eat large servings? But if it's not still enough, Eat a bean sauce at least! Sakura: Let's go! Naruto/Sakura: If I slap my own body, dust raises. But I have never missed my energy. Discard shyness or bashfulness And bitter memories/experiences are put to rest Naruto: Datteba- Datteba- Dattebayo! Shikamaru: NARUTO, Rasengan Kage Bunshin SAKURA Sha-n naro, SASUKE wa Chidori Sharingan INO Shinten- SHIKAMARU Kagemane CHOUJI Nikudan Sensha de gorogoro KIBA, AKAMARU Gatsuuga HINATA, SHINO NEJI Byakugan, TENTEN, LEE- Omote Renge, Ura Renge de ho! KONOHAMARU wa Oirioke no jutsu! (^Characters and their Jutsu's) Sakura: The fireworks what comes out fully in the night sky. Too much transiences. I swear by the flower a fringed pink which standing prettily, to be strong! Naruto/Sakura: Let's dance over night in Leaf Country! With spirit, If you sound Chidori It's Senen Goroshi! Kuchiyose no jutsu, Enter the Gama Oyabin, okay! Let's dance over night in Leaf Country With the spirit, Naruttebayo! Holding determination in your hearts, Let's go sei no~ Kagebunshin! Rasengan! Sakura: These fireworks are beautiful, aren't they? Naruto: Y-Y-You are much more beautiful, Sakura- Shikamaru: Hey another firework is raising again! Naruto: Aww.. Naruto/Sakura/Shikamaru: Tamaya!

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Heeey this is a cute lil'thing! Don't worry, it is not sick or anything, but its fun! And annoying! Go click on it even if it says to not!
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AquaRose 7 Jul 10  
Hey! Remember me? Aquarose? We were Best friends? I'm so glad I'm back on
again. ^^
‹Naita› 13 Oct 10  
Sadly, I don't go here anymore... I'm just checking this to see what I have on
here xD
I mostly hang around deviantart.com now...
‹♥Morgan_Like_Thunder♥› 16 Jan 09  
Hi! I haven't talked to you in like FOREVER!!!
‹Naita› 31 Mar 09  
Totally. I barely went on at ALL.
Kazol3 25 Dec 08  
LITTLE GELERT!!!!! you know me!!!!! D: why i not on  friend list! i in the
webkinz club!!!!!! i is the vp!!!!u never come on any mores!
‹Naita› 31 Mar 09  
I know, I know... 

Sorry, I barely get on anymore!

I have a bunch of other things...
‹Iero♥› 2 Dec 08  
‹Naita› 5 Dec 08  

What is this??
‹IcePath› 3 Nov 08  
awww i love homeward bound! it was my favorite movie growing up. :D that and
land before time
‹Naita› 4 Nov 08  

I wish hey lived for a Homeward Bound III...
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