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My Legend of Zelda

MY Legend of Zelda:

*Zelda theme music is playing you see a strong looking Link run*
*he comes ova da hill and his tunic comes up showin his polka-dot boxers & u realize dat he is a scranny little pathetic
Navi: Why do i hav 2 work wit u...pathetic....ELF!
*Link trips & den gets up and his legs r a blur because hes gowin "fast"*
Navi: were almost 2 Zoras riva MOVE DAMMIT! But be careful cuz dis can b a dangerous plce.
*finally theyr there & Link bends down to drink w/ his lips puckerd when....*
Navi: Link u dumbshit! RUTO WAT r u doin?!
Ruto: Well Link was OBVIOUSLY wanted 2 kiss me!
*Link runs "behind" navi obviously thinkin Ruto & otha Zoras were wat Navi said were dangerous*
Navi: Whn i sd "dangerous" i ment da octoroks you fuckhead!
Ruto: wait so he WASNT tryin to kiss me?
navi: DUH!? yer about as stupid as link! jesus!
*link is STILL "behind navi*
navi: link get the FUCK away from me!
ruto: oh fuck both of u! im leavin heres da fuckin zoras gem shit!
*throws and it hits link on the head knocking him out*
Navi: son of a bitch!
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