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The Legend of Zelda fan page

The Legend of Zelda Related Things To Do:
1.Go to The Legend of Zelda character are you? (Oot Version-Boys and
girls) and take the quizz.
2.Go to to find Zelda games and movies.
3.Go to ta learn the Hylian Language.
4.Go to and search for Zelda pics, sites, and more.

Who I am:
Hello I am Link_is_hot. My name explains my opinion bout Link. If ya wanna read my full profile search nicknames and
type in: Link_is_hot
Thank You!

The Legend of Zelda Summary By Me:
A Hylian boy raised in Kokiri Forest named Link (he is da boy you are in da games) always saves a girl named Zelda (the
princess that you save in EVERY game) from the evil guy who kidnapped her named Gannon/Gannondorf (from the Gurodo tribe
i dunno if i spelled that right.) Then all is happy until 1 week lata when the evil guy escapes the sacred realm and
kidnaps Zelda,...

For info on Zelda games and all otha things Nintendo go to:
Link to this page: copy-paste
  Link_is_hot — Page created: 16 February 2007  |  Last modified: 17 February 2007
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‹Mialicious› says:   17 February 2007   678914  
LOL I think Link is hot too. Espcially in TP when he has to take off his shirt for a
sumo battle -drool- Yeah and that Ganon kidnapping Zelda all the time is SO true. WHy
can't he give it a break for awhile? They should get that Sacred Realm more security
Link_is_hot says:   17 February 2007   217677  
ya. Maybe Link & Zelda forgot to lock da door of the sacred realm.AND IN TWILIGHT
PRINCES LINK IS SOOOO HOT!!! *sighs dreamily* I hate Zelda cause she likes LINK!
*slaps Zelda SO bad that she bleeds* dats betta.
princess_zelda says:   18 February 2007   873152  
hey.that hurt! 
Link_is_hot says:   18 February 2007   958845  
it wasnt u. i mean miss i always get caught! not u.
Kedrea says:   18 February 2007   542695  
Seira: Gannon why do you allways kidnap Zelda? Why not me? Am I not good enogh!?
Gannon: Well, *seira* i'm sorry but doesn't it seem OBVEUS? Zelda is the
princess of hyrule wich just so HAPPENS to be the kingdom i'm trying to take over!
Me: oki I found that amusing! ^-^
Link walks into chat room
Gannon: whats wrong? Miss seira?
Seira: Don't push it, gannon.
Link: Why are you killing all the poor little sheep?
Link_is_hot's mouth drops open
Link_is_hot: Uh, heh, link, tell me i didn't just hear that from you!
Link shoves Link_is_hot out of the chatroom
Link: Be riiiight there hun...
Gannon: This is retarted! Next thing you know, Malon is going to come in and ask to
try and kill me!
Malon walks into the chatroom
Malon: Gannon..
Me: Even more ammussing! ^-^
princess_zelda: Can i say something now?
Me: wha~ How did you get here?!?
princess_zelda: come on!
Me: fine create one
princess_zelda: YAY!!
Princess Zelda : What is this?
princess_zelda: hello, fake me.
Princess Zelda: Exscuse me?
Link_is_hot walks in
Link_is_hot slaps Princess Zelda 20 times then leaves
hahahahahaaa oki i'll stop . That was fun!
Kedrea says:   18 February 2007   734881  
i'm sorry. I wanted to do that.
Link_is_hot says:   18 February 2007   675587  
dats funny! thnx 4 mentioning me!
princess_zelda says:   19 February 2007   754335  
you mentioned me too!cool!
eragon_gal14 says:   24 February 2007   983718  
Link doesn't always save Princess Zelda as you see in Twilight Princess
and i'll join
Link_is_hot says:   27 February 2007   487456  
actualy he does still help her! in majora's mask she has nothin to do wit it except
when she shows u how to play da song of time.......ANYWAY ya u can join!
Kedrea says:   28 February 2007   336221  
Muahahaha i made you so violent like teh real you XD
Kedrea says:   28 February 2007   755914  
oh and i looked it up , i beleive it is spelled Gururo
Kedrea says:   28 February 2007   692915  
Link_is_hot says:   28 February 2007   277752  
oohhhhhhh! kewl! lets laugh evily 4 no reason!
Kedrea says:   28 February 2007   246996  
Kedrea says:   28 February 2007   579414  
I Wanto i just have to tell you this: That pic i drew of link reading a love letter
from you, welll, it started out as Zelda, auh, good to get that out, but i think i
draw link much better
Link_is_hot says:   28 February 2007   446273  
yah! link is easier to draw then zelda! my oekaki dats zelda dats 4 gerard is SO
embarrising cuz it is like SOOOOO ugly!
Link_is_hot says:   28 February 2007   222521  
WAIT! fairies r easiest! u just use da sirbrush and pen!
Kedrea says:   28 February 2007   169266  
yeah, but if it where link or zelda i'd draw link 

EDIT: No!! i'm swamped with requests again 
Kedrea says:   28 February 2007   356445  
at least i didn't brake this page
Link_is_hot says:   28 February 2007   195522  
da otha page aint broken though! i put up a comment!
Link says:   10 March 2007   879795  
well hello ladies!
Link_is_hot says:   11 March 2007   243615  
hello link
music_rocks says:   11 March 2007   592922  
hm.............i didn't know link played this!lolololol 
Link_is_hot says :   11 March 2007   831315  
yah...its awsome....*smiles dreamily and Link anime sweatdrops*
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