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27 F Australia
speaks English and Italian and French
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 "Arguing is like breathing, we don't realise we do it but we're damn glad we do"-Mei_Mei_Go_Crazy (Meixang-chan!!!)
Hey people, after much thought, i've decided not to leave, seriously
the thought of going back to having contact with kids my own age once
a week gave me my sanity back...

About Me
Name: Hitomi.
Age: 13
Fav tv show: Bleach or Naruto, can't decide
Fav manga: Naruto hands down
Fav book: Terry pratchet's Soul Music
Fav song: MCR's Black Parade
Fav place: My aunt's house in Japan (The aunt with the big garden, I
have a lot of aunts)
Fav sibling: Urrrrrrrrrrrrr............I'll have to pick two and say
the twins, they haven't learnt to badmouth me yet...
Fav Game: Final Fantasy X, play it once and you're hooked
Animes watched that i'll admit to watching: Naruto, Bleach, Code Lyoko
(Does that count, I think it does) All of the dragonball stuff (My
brother watches it, go figure but I have to say that Dragonball GT is
Mangas read that i'll admit to reading: Naruto, Bleach, Detective
Conan, Chobits, All f the Dragonball stuff, Full Metal
Alchemist....Ummm...A load of other's I can't remember...
Fav Manga Character: Tobi from Naruto.....Go on, tell me you don't
just love him....I DARE you....
Fav movie: Kiki's delivery service/the ring
Last bad thing I did: delibratley put a sheep in my older sister's
room at 3am...

At 5.09am my new baby sister Harumi Kaori Cho came into the world with
non-identical sister Takara Naoko Yuri following 2 minuites later.
Yeah I know it didn't take very long, she had a C-Section as it was
Woopee!!! Sisters in my house now outnumber brothers 6-1!!


Hi I'm Hitomi, i'm 13 years old and live in Australia with my mum,
dad, 16 year old sister Kumiko, 11 year old brother Shigeru, 6 year
old sister Yuriko and my two year old sister Maiko. Both my parents
were born in japan, we normally call my brother Ichiro even though
that's actually his middle name, we normally go to japan on reletives
birthdays, christmases (Because my mother is a christian) and other
days like Hina Matsuri (One of my favourite holidays) and Kodomono-hi
(my brother's favourite holiday) we are home schooled so we can go for
a few days.
At home we have several pets, we have two siamese cats called Mimi and
Jaja, a persian cat called Ffion (Although she is my mum's special pet
and we aren't allowed to annoy or play with her) a king charles
spaniel called Lenny and our guard dog Grunt, a doberman. Yuriko used
to have a hamster called Dotty but Grunt got hold of it and, well, you
get the picture.
We live in a large house near sydney and often go to the beach and if
we are very good all year we get to go to the sydney opera house
around christmas. When I am older I want to be a musician and play the
piano in opera houses all over the world, one day i'd like to go to
america and visit my cousin Arisu in Mississipi (I think that's how
you spell it)

I'm also a Naruto junkie, thank you Lillianne for introducing me to
the best show on tv EVER! (Well Dvds but what do I care, it still

My favourite character is Gaara, why? Because he's cool, a psycotic
maniac and he creeps out the rest of my family (And he's cute and
understandable...In the later episodes), yeah, he rules..... Did I
just say yeah? Note to self, stop reading manga! But I can't watch
some of the later episodes, the new ones I mean, I know what happens
from the manga and I don't want my fav character to die :'(
I also read (Thanks to some VERY useful contacts) Chobits (It's cute
and my parents disaprove of it) Bleach (No comment) Full Metal
Alchemist (It rocks, read it or i'll make you) And i'm a complete and
utter sucker for Detective Conan(See the brackets about Full Metal
Hey Naruto fans! Leave you comment here if you wanna see Tobi get a
bucket on his head in the future!
Also read the newest chapter of Naruto! I'm on Chapter 364, Biggest
twist I ever did saw (In my little sisters words, she shouldn't even
be reading it but if it keeps her quiet...) I never thought i'd say
this but I am seriously scareded of Tobi now, under no circumstances
should a kind hearted idiot ever be made into a ninety year old

I'm also single, due to the fact that I have little to no contact with
anyone except my family due to our location (It sucks because even my
freind Lillianne in england has a boyfreind who I set her up with) but
thanks to my reseloution (Would call it new years but it's a bit late)
I will no longer be setting ANY friends up with cute boys, no matter
how helpful I want to be.
I'm also sick of my hair at the moment, the tempreture is changing at
it's going all weird, on the bright side i'm going to have two new
siblings in 2-3 months but i'm not even sure I should call that a
bright side....
Oh and my favourite day of the week is friday, Why? End of lessons and
it's the day I get to read the new Naruto comic (Note to self: Learn
Japanese so you can read it earlier, You are Japanese so learn the
damn language!)

What I saw in my mirror one morning, 'nuff said......


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