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Never Forgotten. [Chapter One]

Chapter One "Good Girls Dont Make History" - Marylin Manroe "Serena! Get uo your gonna be late, " Mrs. Hanson yelled from the bottom of the stairs, " Remember?! You leave today for Summer camp!" At the mention of summer camp, Serena sat up right, fast and screamed. "Oh, god! I'm gonna be late!" Serena jolted out of bed and pulled on a blue top with a pull over pink hoodie and her skiniest jeans. Looked in the mirror super quick grabbed her already packed suit case and ran downstairs to meet her mother. The smell of baccon and eggs filled the downstairs. Serena ran over to kitchen and grabbed a homemade egg mcmuffin and headed toward the beat up old/new truck her dad had bought her so she could come home every other weekend. Serena enjoyed it it was something she could drive no matter the shape she could fix it. Her dad didn't just give her the car he taught her a few things along the way of growing. Yupp seventeen years worth exactly. Serena haded back toward the house. "Well, im off. I'm already late as it is. I don't think they'll apperciate it very much I mean I AM a camp councellior this year," Serena sadi to her family with a huge grin on her face. "Serena? aren't you forgetting someone?" Her mother said with a sharp voice, halting Serena in her tracks. " Um... No? Should I be?" Serena said she was thinking hard now. She was sure her mother hadn't ment Brad. i mean they broken up about a week ago yet another reason Serena was excited to go to camp. To get away. "Your brother? Jeremy? Remember? He's going to summer camp too." Her mother said now a little upset she'd forgotten. "Oh, yah. I forgot I mean I'm kinda excited to go ya know? Where is the 10 year old furball?" Just as those words left her mouth, her brother walked back into the house shouting. "SERENA! Let's Go! Ive been waiting in the car for an hour!" Jeremy yelled and walked back to the truck. "Well I should go." Serena said walking to the front door. "Wait, Serena I put $100 on your phone so don't hesitate to call and let Jeremy call if he misses us!" Mrs. Hanson shouted at when she shut the door. Ah summer camp. It felt nice to go back see all her old friends she hadn't seen since last year. She climbed into her truck with Jeremy sitting pateiently waiting for her to start the truck. As Serena drove off in her new truck singing along to "Tik Tok" by Kesha, she realized something very very quickly. Summer had only just begun.
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