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Random topics

The Random Topics Page!
Howdy! Hola! Wasssssssuppp?? Welcome to my random topics page amigo Put random questions u alwas asked yourself down and someone might know the answer u never know ooh i have some random quotes i want to add: 1.) be nice to your kids, they'll choose your nursing home. 2.) A flashlight is just a case for dead batteries 3.) Take revenge, poop on a pidgeon 4.)Silence is GOLDEN, duck tape is SLIVER! 5.)My goal is to be a veterinarian because i love children!!!!!!!! come on ppls lets get a good, happy, not negative,totally positive topic goin!
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‹Farmalled› says:   14 February 2007   177474  
Do cats get earwax?
‹~Wayward Victorian Girl~› says:   18 February 2007   817526  
Why does mineral water have a use by date?
Lidia vmk- Yes, they do
‹Farmalled› says:   18 February 2007   245452  
cool thx
badazz says:   12 March 2007   238434  
is god a boy or girl?  many more ?'s to come
‹Farmalled› says:   15 March 2007   465162  
U cant exactly say the answer to that because no one ever sees god. Technically it
depends on the religion as well. 
chewy210 says:   14 April 2007   963768  
god is capitalized and ppl do see God. God is both. He is neither boy nor girl. ppl
reffer to Him as a Him 4 the same reason they reffer to The USA as a she.
chewy210 says:   14 April 2007   379693  
Oh No I didn't capitalized it ='{ God I'm sooo srry
‹Farmalled› says:   14 April 2007   445259  
good point thx
a26 suggests:   14 April 2007   662176  
But God made adam first 2 look like him if u belive in God and so 4th and then he
made eve so they could carry on the generation!
‹Farmalled› says:   14 April 2007   377493  
that is exactly what my mom said when i told her about this topic!
kagra says:   15 April 2007   317265  
yes but some believe that God made adam and eve at the same time so really u cant
‹Farmalled› says:   16 April 2007   314818  
I dissagree with that Kagra. i read part of Genesis last night and Eve was made from
Adam's rib. And he named her as well  oh and it said that when the to ate some bad
fruit god came down to scold ,punish, and help them
Clay says:   12 May 2007   546763  
hey what are this stuffs about?
Clay says:   12 May 2007   242798  
the dolls? the clubs? the confusing topics?
‹Farmalled› says:   12 May 2007   142594  
huh? u mean kupika? or my pages ?
mo_btrfly_96 says:   12 May 2007   361714  
God is God and much more! He can be whatever he wants to be 
whether it is a  boy or girl or an animal or plant.

and i have a topic... here it goes
my team mates from softball were at our game 
and we were waiting for our turn to hit the ball with the bat
while we were waiting my friend was sweating and she comes 
up with a question- Why do boys sweat more than girls?
First she asked somebody else then she asked me
ever since then i keep asking myself the same question!
kagra says:   12 May 2007   934314  
in the Bible it say in Gen:1:27 it says God created man in his own image in the
image of God he created him; male and female he created them.
‹Farmalled› says:   13 May 2007   358594  
mo_btrfly_96, boys have a different build up of sweat glands than girls do 
cute_monkey says:   26 May 2007   683218  
cookies are good but muffins will ..... you!RUN!!
xD  lolz
spooky_cupid says:   8 July 2007   538449  
why is there so much violence in the world?
‹Farmalled› says:   12 July 2007   887198  
idk good question spooky  well no matter what civilization u live in , there will
always be war or violence because that is in the nature of all living beings.( my
social studies teacher said that lol not a fortune cookie  ) its like the wite
blood cell fights the germ or if u have something i want i will try to get it ( not
really) if it was in my nature to lol.
emmie121221 says:   2 August 2007   316147  
why do people with good ideas seldom have the power to do anything about them?
‹Farmalled› says :   2 August 2007   787134  
i hate when that happens to me 
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