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This is missxmollyxlove

she told me this


One time I was spending time at a cousins house  i was staying over my  Uncles house
with my cousins, My cousin Amanda is 18, She was a sleep in the bed 
My Uncle was wathching t.v ..It was like about  2 a.m.  He was down in the
livingroom ,So I  joined him
So after about  a  half hour , I thought he was a sleep , Caused his eyes looked
closed , It was winter time, So I had a blanket over myself , I was sitting in the
recycliner , He was stretched out 
on the  couch ,  We were watching Single white female
I got horny during the movie and started going to
town  on  myself, fingering both  my  hairy pussy and ass all sudden.. Here he looks
over and yells Amber what are you  doing , I lied and told him  I was scratching 
myself , In about 5 minutes  he
got up to go to bed  , Omg i  could  see he  popped a boner, He said  to me
goodnight , I know his cock must be like  10  inches long..  I went  to town  on
myself  The livingroom smelled like pussy 
and a musky  odor , I teased myself  to no end  And  I finished  myself  off,  My
panties  were soak and wet
While going to bed , I passed  his  bedroom , His bedroom door was partly closed 
but  I could  see him moving around under the covers
He was stroking his cock  
I  got  so horny  again , I took off my  panties
went  into  the bathroom,  I  fingered myself  to no
end , I  humped  the edge of  the  bathroom sink
Until  i had  another mind blowing orgasm
Finally  i  got  relief  But  i sure  remember that
night , Somethimes I  finger myself  while thinking
of  my  Uncles  huge  cock , I know  its  wrong
But  it happens , Now when he is around me my face gets  so  red and   I blush , I 
think what's going on through  his head

and this 


My aunt and uncle are divorced so  my cousins live
have joint custody  with their dad, So my uncle lives
like  a few miles from us , Over the Summer i went to
over  and  seen my cousins And  we go out  in their
swimming pool , I'm age 16 my Uncle is age 37 , I am
shame to say this  but  I masturbate to the thought
of  my  Uncle, When  he has  shorts on you can see 
his big dick , I get very wet around him , I have to get out the swimming pool And
go in the house and play  with myself,  I pull  my panties  to the side my lips  are
 swelled  and engorge down  
I  do have  hair  down there , Sometimes i think my
Unlce  likes  me, cause  he  calls me cute names
like  baby cakes and  sweet cheese, When over his
house  before  going  to bed , I hump  the bed and
sometimes  i just  don't care , I hump  the  bed while  he  stands  there , He says
Amber  are you all  right ?  Than  i  end up cumming  and  having a big  O-gasm 
How  can  i  get over this , I  got him staring at me  with my  bikini  on , Than 
he  goes  in  his
shed  he has  I peek  through  the hole  and see him   jking off  after he  looks 
at me 
I  do have  a  camel  toe , I know this  is  TMI
i  am  sorry  but  what  do  you think? During the
times  i  am not around  him,  I  still  hump the bed post  and home ,  And  imagine
its his dick

if i were u i wud block her
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  ‹♥LuV.PuSsY♥› — Page created: 20 November 2009
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ilyxxxme says:   4 December 2009   730568  
this chick is a pshyco!!!!!!!! i will block her!!!!!!SHE IS WERID!!!! but now im
Sexylez97 says:   27 December 2009   115925  
She iz wierd.
Sexylez97 says :   27 December 2009   574143  
She iz wierd.

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