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They see me trollin' 
They hatin'
Moderatin' tryin' to catch postin' dirty

Every /b/tard lurking /b/ liked 4chan a lot.
But the Grinch, who spent his time on Twitter, did not.
The Grinch hated 4chan, he even hated /b/!
No one quite knows why, it seems silly to me.
It could be that he didn't like the language, which was poor.
Or it could be that the Grinch wasn't too fond of gore.
But the most likely reason, that seems simple of course.
Was the Grinch was a new fag, that couldn't triforce.
Whatever the reason that caused the Grinch to not be a fan.
He sat on his Mac hating 4chan!
Staring at his Mac screen, which he thought was quite cute.
He saw the 4chan homepage, with the picture of Moot.
For he knew that every /b/ tard, with their PC in their lap.
Was Trollin' a thread, or having a fap!
"And their watching their porn..." the Grinch shouted out loud.
"The whole thing is outrageous! How can it be allowed?"
Then he typed on Mac and and exclaimed with a frown.
"I must find a way, to get 4chan shut down!"
For tomorrow he knew, it'd but just the same.
They'd say MOAR, and Sage, and you just lost the game.
And then!
Oh, the game!
Oh, the game!
Game! Game! Game!
That's one thing he hated!
And then they'd do something the Grinch couldn't stand.
The trollers, the lurkers, even ones with a ban!
They'd find a nice thread, one the mods wouldn't see.
And then they proceeded to post CP!
And they'd post CP! And they'd post CP! CP! CP!
And the more the Grinch thought of the CP.
He thought,"It's al up to me!"
"Why for seven years, I've put up with it now!"
"I must find a way to destroy 4chan...but HOW?"
Then he got an idea, an awful idea!
The Grinch got a wonderful, awful idea!
"I know just what to do!" said the Grinch on a roll.
He got on his Mac and googled how to Troll!
And he chuckled, and chuckled, "What a Grinchy trick!"
"Now this fags down at 4chan will see just WHO'S the dick!"
"All I need is a tripcode.", and the Grinch looked around.
But since tripcodes are scarce there were none to be fond.
Did that stop the old Grinch...? No!
"I'll just go on /b/ and those faggots will know!"
So he went on 4chan and proceeded to /b/.
And when he found the info, he filled with glee.
Then he opened a folder, and started to save some memes.
All the info he'd need to accomplish his dreams.
Then the Grinch lol'd at his mission on which he was hell bent.
All of this accomploshed in his mother's basement.
"First we will need to troll all on /b/."
And the Grinch typed up a piece of his own OC./B/ went a blaze, and

the troll the Grinch had made.
"OP is a Fag!" and "GTFO!" they exclaimed.
But the grinch was not done, no he had quite more.
The grinch post even more trolls twenty-four!
At that point the Grinch succedeed in part one of his scheme.
And everyone on /B/ was in a troll threads posted by the man who was

Then the Grinch typed with his Grinchy fingers a hack!
And he was nearly undetected, for no one gives a fuck about Macs.
But just as the Grinch thought he succeeded as was home free.
The Grinch recieved a message from Moot, the creator of /b/.
"Mr. Grinch, why?" asked Moot sadly.
"Why are you trying to take down my /b/?"
But the Grinch was cunning, a huge cyber jerk.
And he devised a troll that was surely to work!
"My dearest moot..." said the Grinch through is Macbook Pro.
"I'm here to help be, not spoil the show!"
"You see, if you listen you'd understand my answer."
"I'm only trying to get rid of the cancer."
"I've written some code that will ban it once and for all!"
"I support all the /b/tards the big and the small.
Then he sent Moot off with his clever OC.
And then the Grinch proceed to foil /b/!
He disabled image sharing, and it was quite a bummer.
Why he even deleted the good ol' post number!
Then he made a mock the thread the promissed CP too.
But as soon as one hit reply mode, it deleted system32.
The Grinch fingers typed until his fingers were sore.
And none of 4chan expected whas was in store.
He deleted laff you lose threads, he deleted EFG.
He even deleted all the CP off Pedobear's PC!
And when 4chan woke up and swore to find the Grinch in the name of

It was far too late, for the Grinch was trollin' behind a proxy.
And the Grinch chuckled and chuckled, and his mom came down with his

And the Grinch went on twitter, for he thought he was a winner.
The Grinch posted on twitter and facebook of his sucess!
He had did the impossible, he was surely the best!
Then the Grinch figured, why not, and himself a fap.
And then he retired, for a nice Grinchy nap.
When the Grinch awoke he danced around with pride.
And he logged onto his apple to see the if the mayhem was continuing
its stride.
The Grinch went on 4chan and was horrified to see.
That now, more then ever, there more people on /b/.
"How could this happen!" said the Grinch in horror.
"All there is left is text! There must be some error!"
"It came without .gifs, it came without tits"
It came without CP, files, or tits!"
Then the Grinch puzzled and puzzled until his puzzler was sore.
And then the Grinch realized, maybe 4chan means something a bit
Then what happened? Well down in 4chan they say.
The Grinch became a true /b/tard that day.
Then the Grinch went on 4chan and lowered his defense.
In hope that he and 4chan could try to make amends.
He explained the whole plot, the post was quite long.
And he pleged to undo everything that he had done wrong.
So the Grinch messaged Moot in an attempt to fix.
All the damge he had done, namely the pics.
The Grinch fixed the post number and even the mods.
Rejoiced when the Grinch had a post that then got quads
He fixed the PC's of the /b/tards who.
He harshlly made delete their system32.
And all were happy, and if this were the end it would be true.
But the truth is, something else was a brew....
With the Grinch's, mac open for attacks.
It wasn't long before anon found his contacts.
His email, his cell, his account on twitter.
It was quite clear that /b/ was still bitter.
Instead of roll over and forgive like the 4chan's rest did.
/b/ would not lost, they would not be bested.
They posted pornography on every account the Grinch owned.
And they requested large pizzas be delivered to his home.
But then on anon, who was furious, decided to be.
The one who filled the Grinch's hard drive, with CP.
They call me OP
I like to get fucked in the ass
While perusing through 4chan's /b/
The feds showed up to the Grinch's door step one day.
And they went into his mother's basement, and took him away.
He pleaded before the court, but no one believed the Grinch.
With all the evidence, convicting the Grinch was a sinch.
And you think /b/ stopped there, well that's where you fail.
/b/ set up the Grinch's mom for identity fraud, and they took her to
So wether it be the CP or the Gore.
While lurking through /b/ it's best to ignore.
Like the Grinch, I have told, learned his lesson the hard way.
And now he'll never browse /b/ for one single day.
The Grinch is now someone's bitch as he rots in jail.
And the story of how he troll'd is a fail.
So the moral of the story, whether from the Grinch or me.
Is rule #1: You don't fuck with /b/

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DrPornSak 23 Dec 10  
Your profile, im in fucking awe.
Le_Troll 23 Dec 10  
lol thank you thank you
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