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This page is owned by LadyDa.

Random quotes! mainly from fanfictions.

"I must be losing my mind. Either that, or I'm dreaming. Or in hell. Yes, that's it. I'm dreaming...that I'm in hell."

"Death. Death was not good. He had been dead once, sort of. It wasn't nice then."

"Reno was standing there naked, save for sunglasses perched on his head. And damn,
Leon thought, that was Reno's natural hair-color."

"Perhaps if he prayed hard the goddess would send a demon to devour him before he died of shame."

"'You know, Lockheart, I always liked your spunk.'
'My spunk's a bit above my cleavage,' she said deadpan" (Actually this was a gen. fic...Pervy!Reno and Emowered!Tifa)

"Chocobo Scout cookies would have made a nice addition to the meal he was preparing in his mind, but it was likely he
was one of the last people alive who even bothered to remember them. Still, perhaps somewhere deep down in the ShinRa
archives, someone had written a fairly detailed account of the recipe used to create them, just so that perhaps ShinRa
could find a way to use it for evil." (The hotness that is Vincent/Reno)

"Vincent likened it to riding a bicycle, save that he hadn't tried to ride a bicycle yet and likely wasn't going to any
time soon." (Don't actually remember, safe to assume it's FFVII, though)

"It was like a game of chess, in a sense; sacrifices had to be made in order to win. But when did you ever have one of
your knights getting raped by the enemy queen?" (Kadaj/Reno Rapefic)
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1hotty789 says:   5 May 2007   414566  
that dosn't make sence
la_fille says :   5 May 2007   641265  
i love it.

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