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My Sonic Fan Characters/Furries

Name: Flare the Cat

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Cat

Family: Blaze the Cat(Little Sister)

Likes: All kinds of food and all of Blaze's friends except for Marine the Raccoon because she's annoying.

Dislikes: People who picks on his sister and people who are annoying.

Super Form: Flaming Flare

Name: Rhonda the Bat

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Bat

Family: Rouge the Bat(Older Cousin) Rouge's Mother(Auntie)

Likes: Being sneaky like her cousin, the Chaos and Sol Emeralds, wishing she was 18, being a tomboy, stealing and going
on missions with Rouge.

Dislikes: Not being 18 because that means she can't drop out of school, things that are un-fair, people calling her a
"boy", Knuckles' attitude, and her birthday not coming sooner.

Super Form: None

Name: Snow the Hedgehog

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Species: Hedgehog

Family: Silver the Hedgehog(Older Brother) Frost the Hedgehog(Older Sister)

Likes: Candy, snow cones, her older brother, kind HUGS!, Silver's friends, being smart, intelligent, and not so naive as
her brother.

Dislikes: When her brother is being mean, people saying that "She has a crush on Flare.", mean people, and people who
doesn't understand her when she is upset.

Super Form: Super Snow

Name: Cracker the Rabbit

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Species: Rabbit

Family: Cream the Rabbit(Little Sister) Vanilla the Rabbit(Mother)

Likes: Kindness and friendship, helping people, his best friend(Cheddar the Chao), his little sister Cream and his
mother Vanilla, Cream's friends, and peppermints.

Dislikes: Embarrassment, People who makes Cream cry, his mother being kidnapped, DR. EGGMAN, and other mean people.

Super Form: None

Name: Milas "Summer" Prower

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Species: Fox

Family: Miles "Tails" Prower(Little Brother)

Likes: Peppermints, picking on Tails a little, Sonic as a love interest, being on her own, and Tails' friends.

Dislikes: When Tails get his Super Form on her, whoever picks on Tails, being ignored, children who whine, whenever
Tails get hurt or in brutal pain, and Eggman thinking that he has better technology than her and Tails.

Super Form: Super Summer or Steaming Summer

Name: Mariah the Seedrian

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Species: Seedrian

Family: None just an orphan

Likes: Just herself because she doesn't know anybody because of amnesia.

Dislikes: Headaches and strangers.

Super Form: None

Name: Frost the Hedgehog

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Hedgehog

Family: Silver the Hedgehog(Little Brother) Snow the Hedgehog(Little Sister)

Likes: Her brother and sister, Silver's friends, and someone to be with like Espio the Chameleon.

Dislikes: Bad Guys and when Espio ignores her.

Super Form: Freezing Frost

Names: Skylark and Flynn(Normally Flynn and Skylark)

Ages: Both 18

Genders: Flynn is a Female and Skylark is a Male

Species: Both Crows

Family: Brother and Sister(Skylark and Flynn)

Likes: Themselves, being selfish, and beating other racers in "Zero Gravity".

Dislikes: Losing to other racers, and people who are trying to be friends with them.

Super Forms: Scarin' Flynn and Dark Skylark

Names: Drew and Dallas

Ages: Both 14

Genders: Drew is a Scottish Female and Dallas is a Scottish Male

Species: Both Scottish Panthers

Family: Sister and Brother(Drew and Dallas)

Likes: Anybody who is nice, being detectives, and playing.

Dislikes: Evil people, people thinking that they're retired detectives because of their gloves, and The Twin Crows.

Super Form: None

Name: Midnight the Hedgehog

Age: 40+

Gender: Female

Species: Black Arms Hedgehog

Family: Shadow the Hedgehog(Older Brother)

Likes: Herself, her brother, and Maria.

Dislikes: The day she saw Maria get shot.

Super Form: Super Midnight or Moon-ish Midnight

Name: Windel the Crow

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Species: Crow

Family: Jet the Hawk(Cousin)

Likes: Being a Emo and proud of it, Cutting himself sometimes, riding his extreme gear, being alone and Flynn the Crow.

Dislikes: Too much crowd and The Scottish Twin Panthers.

Super Form: WILD WILD WIND!!!

Name: Fyu-El(Like "Fuel")"3T"Angas(Like "And Gas")

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Species: A 3 Tailed Fox Knight, thats why they call him 3T.

Family: Miles"Tails"Prower(Little Cousin) Milas"Summer"Prower(Big Cousin)

Likes: Doing Technology with his cousins, Tails and Summer.

Dislikes: Being called by his real name.

Super Form: High-per Fyu-El(Like High Fuel but with the "per" It's like Hyper Fyu-El.
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alissa411 says:   28 December 2010   926987  
Cool! YOu should make one related to Tails! X3 Sorry, I'm a Tails fan. :D
LaTitia123 says:   28 December 2010   358985  
Ok I will.
alissa411 says:   29 December 2010   409246  
Yay! I'm so happy now! :D 
LaTitia123 says:   29 December 2010   645461  
Glad you are! 
LaTitia123 says:   29 December 2010   356301  
I made another character that involves Tails! 
alissa411 says:   29 December 2010   486454  
Yay! Thanks! :D 
LaTitia123 says:   29 December 2010   472506  
No prob :D 
narutoxz says:   19 February 2012   963591  
they look cool. (frost looks like a ninja)
narutoxz says:   19 February 2012   854559  
can u make a mother of silver and his siblngs
narutoxz asks :   20 February 2012   705200  
it okay if i do fanfics about them
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