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Its ABird Its a plane! No, its a...Fake Buster?

Your Text Here Hello Kupika! This page is about the new member FakeBuster. why am I creating a kupipage for her? Because, if you can't tell for her username, she is a fake buster. She finds people who other kupikans suspect are fakes (stealing pictures) and report them to her. Then taking the time out her day, she posts them in her diary. In her picstream, you can find Fake Salutes of people who had taken pictures of famous people or normal people and just messed them up. Why she Does It Why FakeBusters even does this is to warn kupikans to not trust anyone just because of a picture. If anyone posts up a fake picture, somehow she would be the first to know. With her sharp eyes that doesn't miss a detail, and her quick mind that can easily prove her points, she can almost bust any faker :D What To Look for in Fake Photos These are some easy tips I had picked up browsing her picstream ♥Look for famous people. Singers,actors, any famous person wants to avoid the paparazzi. How likely is it that a famous person will come to kupika and say, "HEY IM THE FAMOUS GIRL ON TV!" come on, all it brings is fans, stalkers, and haters :] ♥Look for out of proportion body parts. Does the head look to light/dark to match the body? does the head look to big? most likely the body part has been graphed with photoshop :] Example: ♥Keep your eyes peeled for bad looking 'paper' If the paper has jagged edges, it looks too white, and it doesnt even look like paper, 95% that it was used with paint to draw a horrible sheet of paper. or, if the paper looks unusual like if its too many colors at once, its manly photoshop :] Example: look at that! does that look like real paper to you? didnt think so ♥Be on the watch for bad/ too good handwriting. If the handwriting looks like chicken scratch or some kind of font you would see in Microsoft Word it's probably been graphed onto the picture using photoshop. ♥Look for any unusual hand positions. look at this photo and see what I mean ♥Look for any out of place spots on the photo. If someone uploads a picture, and there is a blacked out area it is most likely a link that belongs to the real person. Anyone can easily recognize it :D ♥Look for links.If you see a photo someone has uploaded on there profile, picstream look for links to a website, or a profile that's not theres. How To Help FakeBusters cant bust all the fakes o her own now can she? She need YOUR help too. You can help by: ♦If you see someone who are using common pictures (emo kid pictures, models, singers) report it immediately to FakeBusters, or anyone who is in a club that bust Fakers. ♦If you suspect someone is a faker, watch there picsstream. This will help be on the lookout to see if they are uploading false photos. ♦Don't protect People. if someone you know is using fake photos, dont protect them! You will be doing them a favor by reporting them, and making them take a REAL SALUTE PHOTO! Stealing pics is almost like identity theft. identity theft is a crime. Dont you think it's better to post real pictures than going to jail? Well that's All For now! Kyuu ♠Credits♠ Layout- Kyuubigirl_101 Kupipage-Kyuubigirl_101 pictures-fakeBusters
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