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» Free Requests~

REQUESTS ARE » NOW OPEN ---- General rules: - If you wish to request/art trade me please message me, the first four people who message me will be slotted in the slots below, the following five will have theirs done most likely after all slots are emptied. - take note that I do have a life, and the reason why I am 'super fast' (as some say) with requests/art trades before was because I had nothing better to do. Now I have school and friends to attend to. Those who rush me to finish their requests/ art trade will have their request removed. - all requests are done on whim by me, if I don't feel like doing what you want, then I'll tell you nicely. Don't expect me to fulfill your expectations. - do not give me a detailed instruction on how you want the picture to look like. I'm a free thinker and doing so will only hinder the process which it takes to draw as well as the quality of it. - if you are requesting something that is not your Kupika character or any other, please provide all necessary reference in your message. - if a request/art trade takes more than a few days to accomplish, it may because I simply do not feel like it at the moment or I am on an artblock. If that request/ art trade is yours, please wait patiently as I draw the ones that interests me. If I don't feel like I want to do it, yet I do it, the oekaki will come out as...crap. :/ For requests, the person that has the say in it is me, since I'm not charging anything. - for those who were slotted in the waiting list, please don't die on me. :| It will sometimes take a very long time. But I'll get to it...soon. - please check this page daily! (it's easier if you subscribe to me. :| ) To see if a slot is open. - - - ---- I will draw: - Kupika characters - anime/manga fanart - original characters - pairings (of any kind, anime/manga, original characters, Kupika chars) - BL/GL (Boy Love/ Girl Love) But even if I'm flexible in this area, don't push it. :/ - Gijinkas ---- I will not draw: - animals - anthros - nude - extreme yaoi/yuri (anything that exceeds past kissing) - extreme gore (anything that exceeds blood) - more than three people in one oekaki Please take note that because these are Free Requests the quality can range from scrappy to superb, it all depends on how lucky you are and my mood that day. - - - --- Max slots: 4 - GoodMorningStarShine - retrobaby - - Waiting List 2: - -
ART TRADES ARE » OPEN I assume that all art trades are just art of Kupika characters. So the only thing that I /will/ draw for you if you wish for an art trade is your Kupika character, and I expect for you to do the same. Most general rules apply here. (Please use your common sense, thank you.) - - - Waiting List: - -
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