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Numbness like suicide. Get ready. get set. Go.........

I want to be cold.
I want everything to stop.
and i want to freeze.
not to die.
but to be numb.
i want to be numb.
from good and bad.
i dont ever want to feel a thing
ever again
I was just in the healing process
and then it got taken away
Not the kind where someone takes your pencil
the kind when you love something
like as a kid
you have a toy
and they are afraid you will get hurt
so they take it away
and you only hurt more.
because you dont have it anymore
its gone.
like a kite.
you smile just playing with it
and you let go of the string and it floats away
i feel as if everyone is hanging on by a thread and the thread slowly breaking in front of my face
i dont know what to feel anymore
its like sending a message and it never gets sent
or it never gets recieved
the message didnt get taken away.
they did.
whether they walked out 
or died out
things just go together.
peanut butter and jelly
i and love you
two lovers
i go
and people ask where to?
i say a place.
a Peaceful place
it isnt the same.
neither was anything when anything changed.
i made a pink bracelet.
it states a promise.
do you know what promise?
because its a promise to myself.
i wont change for anyone and i wont get treated badly
and i will not reject my gut feeling.
because thats why its there.
its my gut feeling.
why would you all of a sudden get this vibe to do or not to do something for no reason?
it doesnt happen.
i lay.
rock bottom.
like many others.
lets get in a hot air balloon and go.
go wherever it takes us.
and where we end is where we are supposed to be.
is this where im supposed to be?
i wont know if i dont take a chance.
because if i just lie here without taking chances,
then i wont know what couldve changed my life
lets float as high as we can go
lets make a tape
call it life
rewind to the good ol' days.
when the most for us to worry about
was to spill kool-aid on our white shirt
or scraping our knee.
i cant cry
youve made me cry so much i stunned my tear ducts.
theres no more tears.
im dry
once opon  time i wished a wish.
it wasnt the way i expected it to come true
lets trick fate.
flip it right on its face.
we can make it
i know we can.
just keep running.
get set 
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  KristinaCATASTROPHE — Page created: 26 October 2008
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‹southern_belle› says:   30 November 2008   589146
KristinaCATASTROPHE says :   30 November 2008   219225  
umm wow what?
oh yeah im deep :D
my deepness is going away :D
im laughing XD

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