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I Have Big sunglasses

Go Die.
Dont Die.
Then id be just as bad as Cody.
go LIVE!
i saw raspucia from Norbit.
and then we saw Jackie Chan hi jack a car and then we heard ungodly racket.
Me and Emily.
yeah. that was all at walmart.
Isnt it funny how i have to face with so many problems and deal with them and they arent even mine
Emily: Come over here guys
Guys: were playing basketball
Me: dude, were girls. are you gay?
Emily: i love how you arent blonde anymore
Me: *hits Emily* I WAS NEVER BLONDE!

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i  was watching this video while being on the phone with emily
and she said Kristina you are so easily entertained!
and im like dude if you freaking saw this youd be like holy doof monkeys too xD
dude i freakkkin love Jess's hair
its like amazing
its so pretty and red
i showed Brooke
and i love Stefs pretty eyes and her outfits.
and i love alot of things but i wont list them
ok. Im single.
iunno why i put that in there.
but i did so get over it! GOD!
Vince......... lmfao
oh god.
holly: ohmygosh what do you think i should do?
vince: breakup with him
holly: what?
vince: i said you should work things out with Ben. whatd you think i said? GOD.
ohgod. i totally remember what was happening right before this moment. xD
Vince was looking at Bens boxers and then Gary walks in and hes like you know your kinda disturbing me
and Vince is like i hate this and goes this is what Holly is going to be seeing on Ben while on tour. or worse. off of
then he stomps on them.
and then he goes i hate that british black headed boy
and then Holly knocks on the door and Gary goes and sees who it is and says Britishblackhairedboyyouhatesgirlfriend is
and hes like ohmygosh and then takes off his shirt while Gary is opening the door and Holly sees Vince and then Vince
goes. oh Holly. i didnt know we had company Gary. I wouldve put on a shirt if i knew you were coming xD
haha we make margaritas and then yell at each other til we laugh and cant breathe
you know.
i can like look at someones hairstyle and cheek bones and skin colour and their eyes and tell if they will be a good
friend or not.
its so weird.
but i give everyone a chance and everytime ive looked and said i bet this will happen it did.
i have a gorgeous messsy bun (:
you had to have been there.
Me Michelle Jennifer and Alex were in homeroom and we were just talking and all of a sudden they started talking about
how good i can do someones hair and i can make any hairstyle work.
it was so fucking funny
and then we got on the subject of how my messy bun is so pretty.
and then i laughed and said Lord bless the days when my messy bun isnt pretty.
Oh Daniel C.
we are happy bipolars and you think Prince Caspian is sexy and Peter is hawt xD
no one had a gun to your head and made you say it 
Oh Emily.
and Eric.
we have acdc xD
long story.
no actully short story.
i was tired. i got off subject they brought it up how i got off subject. i was trying to say that i had thought i had
adhd but i accidentally said acdc and then eric goes what the fuck? nd im like i told you i was tired.
i just got off the phone with Daniel B.
he said he wanted to make me weed brownies. i was like haha no.
and then invited me and Brooke to go skating with him and friends.
we may see Theresa.
Brooke will be so happy to see her (:
shes her step sister and she ran off.
im tired.
i love my grandma.
yeah thats all i can think of (:
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MMminniemouse says:   9 November 2008   466552  
i think that it is a wow!
‹shii-chan♥› says:   10 November 2008   152573  
Is THAT chip skylark? (or whatever his last name is)
roflmao. XD
KristinaCATASTROPHE says:   10 November 2008   155852  
yeahh (:
lmfao yes chip skylark
the one from fairly odd parents xD
‹stef ; waiting on the world to change ♥› says:   10 November 2008   455675  
'and i love Stefs pretty eyes and her outfits.'
daaaayum, i love kris (: ♥
KristinaCATASTROPHE says:   10 November 2008   766218  
dudddeeeeee i dyed my hair (:
‹stef ; waiting on the world to change ♥› says:   11 November 2008   193655  
you dyed your haaaair?
what colour?
KristinaCATASTROPHE says:   11 November 2008   748745  
that colour Stefferloo (:
‹k@+!3.› says:   2 January 2009   559412  
you look so prettyy!
KristinaCATASTROPHE says :   3 January 2009   638958  
no i dont 
but thanks anywayyyy (:

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