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100 things i would like to do before i die

Yeah. Things I wanna do before I die.

1. Make a band.
2. Win like 123,489,728,657,514,156,174,494,789,374 dollars at Vegas.
3. Star in a movie.
4. Get locked in a store.
5. Go six weeks without food
6. Go undercover
7. Get two guys to fall in love with me
8. Learn how to play the guitar.
9. Makeup a song to go worldwide
10. Jump into a HUGE blackhole without a parachute and not get hurt at all
11. almost drown and then live to tell my story
13. make like 190283 new friends
14. get all A's.
15. learn how to do tricks on a skateboard
16. egg a house.
17. audition on american idol and make it
18. go bra shopping with daniel
19. clean my room like top to bottom, so its like perfect.
20. sneak into a concert
21. dye my hair blonde
22. stay up 7 days in a row
23. hitch hike
24. get pregnant at my age just to see what its like
25. jump off the roof to the trampoline
26. tan on a rooftop
27. buy something over 300 hundred dollars with my own money
28. drive.
29. Wish on a star, and have it come true.
30. be in a DANCEOFF.
31. Write a rap song.
32. draw Peace signs On people and have my whole school act like hippies for a day or week
33. get a tattoo of a peace sign on my hand
34. sit in front of a tree while a bulldozer tries to cut the tree down
35. run away for a week.
36. have a pillow fight with some hot guy
37. start a food fight
38. have a huge party
39. have a love life that is like a movie and everyone says,"AWWWWW"
40. go jump off a bridge with daniel holding hands just as friends and fall in a huge lake
41. make a bakery
42. meet someone famous.
43. make a perfume
44. grow my hair out really long.
45. stop drinking dr pepper for like a year.
46. go vegetarian for a year
47. defeat cancer
48. be on a commercial
49. have a small sleepover and sleep outside in the bad part of town in a tent and live to the next day
50. act mentally challenged 
51. make a music video
52. find someone who looks almost exactly like me
53. be a flower girl although im 5"7' and it'd be hilarious to have to crawl on my knees
54. invite my guy friend to my wedding and him stand up in front of everyone and say i love you
55. meet the guys that play Vick,Ben&Vince on "What I Like About You"
56. have a huge farm that was abandoned and fix it up to be something good
57. get the iphone in November
58. makeout with 7 different guys in the same night
59. get pregnant, then get a different guy to fall in love with me knowing i am having another guy's baby
60. meet the guy i will marry in 1 year
61. make a time machine
62. be the only girl on a boy's sports team
63. become a site model
64. paint my entire room including the floor white and own everything white
65. sing with Adam Gontier(lead singer of Three Days Grace)
66. write a book
67. be a poet
68. sing in the talent show in a couple of months
69. make a difference
70. go on national television just by skipping school and every other thing just to hug a tree
71. create a cell phone everyone wants
72. be a clothes designer
73. bring the word groovy back in style
74. be Santa Clause when i get older
75. meet a vegetarian lion
76. protest something
77. go to court for something like dress code and win and switch it
78. be first female president
79. tap someones phone
80. be in a band with only me and the rest guys
81. make a website that everyone loves
82. make someone believe in God
83. audition for The West Tennessee Youth Chorus
84. be a judge on "American Idol"
85. meet Simon Cowell and tell him that i love how honest he is
86. have a baby sister.
87. Meet Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams
88. catch the lochness monster even though i dont believe in it
89. pretend to be a lesbian just to freak people out
90. get kidnapped and put a broken phone back together and call a random guy and have him do anything to save me even
though we have never even met
91. get kidnapped by daniel and have him take me to the mall and by me alot and then take me back home
92. make up a song like "I Wish" by The Secret Handshake
93. get "Never Shout Never" a record deal
94. see a deformed animal
95. get a boyfriend to by me a little puppy on Christmas
96. find a cure for a type of cancer
97. be a magician
98. be the first to tell you that you're a happy bipolar (:
99. grow old and tell many people of my whole life and say wow. i love your life. its so dramatic,and outragous,and
100. finish all of these
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  KristinaCATASTROPHE — Page created: 7 September 2008  |  Last modified: 9 September 2008
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ricecg says:   7 September 2008   462886  
kool stuff to do
KristinaCATASTROPHE says:   7 September 2008   447729  
chaaa i know
‹OhKitty;;♥› says:   7 September 2008   128674  
number 89:pretend to be a lesbian just to freak people out
its NOT hard i do it all the time with my bestest friend. 
People will look at you weird or laugh at you though
KristinaCATASTROPHE says:   7 September 2008   944873  
haha i know
its not hard.
ive done it before
we will be yelling i love you in halls and stuff and people give us looks
TheChosenGirl says:   7 September 2008   644564  
Awesome stuff to do. But I'm afraid number 73 is impossible. 
KristinaCATASTROPHE says:   7 September 2008   867565  
lol ive actually started and many ppl have been saying it but i mean its not alot.
katiedumbassigavemypasswordout says:   15 September 2008   348377  
yo the whole like first part is all my stuff.
KristinaCATASTROPHE says:   15 September 2008   368643  
hah yeah i know
i wunna do many things that you would like to do.
you can take some of mine too if you want.
‹k@+!3.› says:   16 December 2008   475587  
this is why your my best friend.
KristinaCATASTROPHE says :   17 December 2008   222466  
itd be soooo funny and weird and hilarious :D
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