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Did You Know? May 4th Did You know Everytime i walk by you i sing I skip, i trip , I just cant handle myself. Did You know When you held my hand it meant more to me than you? You thought of it as just a game. As i thought it as me Winning the Lottery. Did You know When i hurt you , Im showing Affection? I punch,I kick,I slap,I insult. But that is only because i have Never Have Loved before. Did You Know It's Obvious that you dont feel the same. So i'll wait. I wont kick down the Door. I'll just simply laugh. When You truely get hurt. But I will help you. Did you know I will always be there. No matter how much Pain. Going through a fire for you. Living for you Dieing for you It Doesnt Matter. Did You Know All the others will just abandon you? As You felt i did. Did you know Before i met you i was happy Now im spirialing downward. Living for you isnt all it's cracked up to be But i will Live for you and Die for You As long As it Takes I will always be here next to you. Darkness Darkness it surrounds me Occasionally i see a light I follow it but i never get there You were always there So we arent meant to be but I will reach the light. You lead me where ever you go Even if you glow dull in my heart The next you'll be as bright as the sun. You may think im dark You may think im unrealistic You think im "different" You are right. But i will change everything for you. Not Him Not Her You You dont here my plea for your acceptance But You will You will be Mine No matter if it takes time for you to realise it i have all the time needed because my time stops when im near You Take time and think. Think about me in the Darkness Right?...Wrong. They all say it's right to move on. But i say it's wrong I thought You were amazing. But lately we have faded apart. I decided to try to ignore the pain. It worked. Did You Love how much we hated eachother? It was like a fire burning secretly lighting a spark inside. You were a dream. A goal i could never reach. So i decided to give up. Or atleast thats what i thought. Secretly I didnt. I love your laugh,your smile, and your emotions. I hate to see you in pain but i cannot do anything. So we'll just wait for Eachother.
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  KonanxHidan — Page created: 9 May 2010
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