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Chapter 1

Phone rings, the sound of little brother screaming. You answer the phone. Who else could it be besides the guy you have
fallen in love with. But no its not, it’s your ex. 
“Hello?” Ashlei asks.

“Is Ashlei there?” He asks.

“Speaking” she replies.

“Ash, I need to talk to you, really soon.”

“Okay, in a half a hour by the river.” she says walking towards the front door.

“By the old tree house, okay meet you there.” He said before hanging up the phone.

Ashlei hangs up. 

“Mom, I’m going out. If you need me just call my cell. And also if anyone calls tell them to text me or leave me a
voice message.”

“Okay Ashlei be home by dinner.”

Ashlei opens the door and walks out into the dusty summer’s heat. She walks down toward the old forest. As she walks
down the old dusty road, she noticed only a few people are out today. The kids must be at the pool, she thought, the
parents might be at work or it’s to hot for them. It takes about twenty minutes to walk from her house to the river. 

When Ashlei and Jimmy were going out that was where they would hang out most of the time. That’s where they first
kissed two years earlier. It was a magical kiss, Jimmy was her first love. When they kissed, her body went numb. The
land around her disappeared. It was only him and her kissing under the moonlight. But of course it last long. A kiss
never lasted long. 

After that kissed, their relationship changed, even their feelings for each other changed. Before their relationship was
just like a brother and sister relationship. They pulled pranks together, they always got into trouble. They had their
fights, but nothing can destroy their friendship.

“Beware! Wild wolves are near.” A sign said nailed to a tree at the front of the forest. The wolves aren’t
dangerous, only if you did something to irritate them. Ashlei is friends with them; she’s like apart of their pack.  
She walks past the sign. And she followed the trial. When she got there Jimmy was waiting for her. 
“Ashlei sit down please.” He said scooting over on the bench. Jimmy is well built, stand 5’8, dirty blonde hair,
and hazel eyes. 

Ashlei sits down “What did you want to talk about, Jimmy?” 

Jimmy moves closer to Ashlei and Kisses her. Ashlei kisses back; Jimmy slides his tongue into her mouth and searches for
her tongue. 

“Jimmy! We can’t do this.” Ashlei pulls back and wipes her lips.

“Why?” he says grabbing Ashlei’s hand. ”Ashlei, I love you.”

“You can’t. Not right now.”


“Things are happening. It’s hard to explain. And you won’t believe me.’

“Try me,” a couple of wolves start howling. “What’s going on?”

“Ashlei, Its Jacob. Don’t run please. We need to talk now.” Ashlei hears.

A gray wolf with golden eyes appears between two trees across the river.

“Ashlei lets go.” 

“No, Jacob won’t hurt us,” Ashlei says standing up. “Jacob what do you need to talk about?”

“Ashlei it’s time to find your destiny. You have to come with me.” Jacob said walking across the river.

“H-he t-talks!?” Jimmy said stumbling back. 

“Jacob now? Jimmy yes he talks, all the animals here talks. You just have to listen, contract your mind on the

“Yes, Ashlei, now; you have to take your friend too. He can’t tell a soul. And I’m not letting he put my pack and
the other animals in the forest. The darkness is about to awake, you need to start you training right away.”

“Jimmy, do you want an adventure?”

“Uhhh” Jimmy said standing up. “how do you know he wont hurt us?”

“Because when I was young he saved him and he told ….”
“Not right now it’s not safe,” Jacob said interrupting “Ashlei do you remember the way to the pack grounds?”

“Yea I remember.”

“Tomorrow be there with him. Tonight pack some stuff. I have to go now. Before I go did you tell anyone about me or
any other wolf or animal in the forest?”

“Yea one other person, Danniel.” 

“Bring him here too. I don’t care what you have to do just get him here. No one needs to know you’re here. And if
you don’t forget about the battle the darkness will know where to look. With that said I must go.”

Jacob howls twice and runs across the river and into the forest of trees. Ashlei turns around and looks at Jimmy. 

“What was that about, ashlei?” he said walking up to her.

“It’s along story but you and Danniel have to go with me. If you don’t you could be great danger if the darkness
sees us together. I know he saw us together when we were young. Let’s go get Danniel and tell him to pack clothes.”

Ashlei starts running in the other way that Jacob did. Jimmy follows her.
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‹!!I Do What I Want!!› says:   6 August 2007   171473  
good job.  pretty descriptive, but it sounds more like a movie script than a book
(not 2 be mean)
‹!!I Do What I Want!!› says:   6 August 2007   956781  
some typos r in here 2.
‹!!I Do What I Want!!› says :   6 August 2007   922245  
oh again and gramatical erors.

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