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.::Tama-chan and Tenshi-chan::.

TNA Oh. Hai thar ;D A: This is the TA of the TNA Sisters here XD Get to know us? not very likely. Want to know us? prepare for a WHOLE rollercoaster of hypernessess!! T: What on earth do you mean, imouto-chan? Hyperness(ess)? I should think not!^^ But But But. TAMMMAAAAHHH!! You know it's truee!!! That's why we're up when the Americans Aree!!! O_o *manic laughter* AHA!!! TAMA! YOU JUST LAUGHED LIKE A FREAKO!! YOU ARREE HYPER!!! hsssthhh *funny teeth noise that you won't get from the "word"* Tama. Tamatamatama. I did tell you you were hyper. Ow! no Shoulder nibbles!! *robert pouty faish* nnnggga ROBERT POUTY FAISH^^ (btw, that's Robert Pattinson to normal people, or "R-Patz" to freaks, I think...) Tama? I need to ask you something... ?? ( ♦)_(♦ ) Why we make this page and go random?? Is it to see how many people actually click on it thinking it's gonna be an intelligent conversation? Hyaaakuhyaaaku^^ I don't think that many people see "Tama-chan and Tenshi-chan" and think "Ah! some intelligent conversation!". But we could have an intelligent conversation... =D uhm... uhm... uhm... BANANAS! THEY'RE AN EXCELLENT SOURCE OF POTASSIUM!!! X3 (haha--- Rory:
"RANDOM FACTS: Bananas are an excellent source of potassium. The car was once invented. etc."
ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM IS A LONG WORD. IT HAS TWENTY-EIGHT LETTERS. THAT IS LONG AS WORDS GO. ... Tama! You ripped the chocolate right off that digestive biscuit! Too far, cigar. put it in the top drawer, take it back out. Smoke it!(thought it aint a very good idea since we're only small XD Hai... sou da......... =D AROUND THE TIME THAT LITTLE MUNSTA WAS TYPING I WENT MAD (◐ U ◑) XP Haha. Espio likes Tama. I not sure if she sure if she like him or not *THE face* That face you can't do, ne? Haha! Epic sleepover times! Off to do hairsyling now XD Later! ~ Angel and Tama xx
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‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   10 January 2010   579615  
cool page... but.. I'M NOT ON IT!  oh well we can make a page about all of us next
time XP
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   10 January 2010   921602  
There is a perfectly logical reason why that is. because YOU aint HERE! But it would
be awesome if we did that Lol! 
‹Tama_♦› says :   20 January 2010   881679  
Kitty! Give you password me NOW!!!

We can update this next Thursday. Told your mum yet? 

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