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Aicle's diary (aka Jasmine's)

21:03 22/06/2009    Meh Life Story,

Life Sucks Big time All You Can do is 
Be Happy with the person your with
I my words
: Live High
: die High
God Gives Us Lemons We Make Lemon Juice
Mathyew Just Wants us for the Jawbreakers
What a Loser Anyways He is Getting 8 Lucky Little Twat 
You Think
XxX Aicle___X

1 Great

Great,I didn't understand the lesson,
so the teacher told me to do somthing else
WTF is the point
So Kib told Matthew again, He just wants meh for the eight jawbreakers
Nanny got cancer,I wanna go back to see her
Anne Just asked for my rubber
& Lauren is Being Gay
ZOMG Has you seen Mathyew play football??
Nicky and Gavin Want some Jawbreakers (Like thats Gunna happen)
Seee Youu Next Time Aicle___X

2 i love to dance
Ok,Mathyew Just Walked in with meh dancing
Anne draged meh to his face i said "Hi"
I Wannna be a raver, im gunna be one for halloween
Everyone Wants Jawbreakers (no thats never gunna happen)
I work all day on my dads boat and no one knows
Great these people suck
Later Aicle___X

i missed 3 days cuz i was buzy 
sorry fans nuthing happened though :]

22/06/09 3/I don't feel right
Ok,so i have troble Eating
and if i don't eat i will pass out
so i missed school
I got about 7 hours of sun
Sum Gay Guy took meh candy
But Matthew is Still getting 8 jawbreakers

Later Aicle___X

18:36 23/06/2009
4Math Blows

Math Sucks Big time but im ok
Mathyew Is asking meh for 7 jawbreakers
Dear God, I hope he can come on sat!
Btw,Im Sick of Pac Man Saying she will hit meh
She is Soo,FUGLY
Anyways Later Aicle___X

21:42 01/07/2009
Sorry peeps been gone
anyways Nicky thinks i like him aswell EEK
Btw Nicky Is Hottt
I hate kib now i don't know why but i do

21:12 04/08/2009

Sorry It's Been Over A Month Im Busy with School
Let Me Give You The 411-Nicky Is My New Crush-Anne Hits me 
Cuz Of That-Matthew is Going out with the town bicycle(Everyone 
Had a Go on her-Matthew Is Being Gay To Victoria-I Gave Matthew
The Middle Finger-He Got Pissed-Like W/E-Nicky is the only nice 
guy in P 6 Yellow-Jawbreakers Came-Matthew got 1-Nicky 2 :3
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