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Common Japanese phrases.

I've been interested in learning Japanese for awhile now but before I learned everything I know now from an anime called Ouran High School Host Club... Unfortunatly in America it was "licensed" which means no more free anime with english sub titles for Kirti... (I'd have to buy it and I'm broke) so after spending several months desparing I finaly thought to do the obvious thing... CHECK THE INTERNET! Yes it really took me months. But it took me only seconds to find a exelent website, and so I've decided to share the beauty of the Japanese language to anybody on Kupika who botherd looking at this page! here ya go! I did my best to make it like the origanal format, so as you might imagine there is a large space between the English term and the Japanese one. Useful and common Japanese phrases are below -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Useful and common Japanese phrases Greetings _____________________________________________________________________ Nice to meet you! Hajimemashite! Good morning ohayou. Hello konnichiwa. Good evening konbanwa. Good night O yasumi nasai. Good bye. sayonara. Bye! Baibai See you! Ja mata ne! See you again! Mata aimashou Politeness/Basics ______________________________________________________ I am (really) sorry Gomen nasai Excuse me/Pardon sumimasen. How are you ? (polite) O genki desu ka. Very well, thanks for asking. o kage-sama de I am fine Genki desu Take care of yourself. o daiji ni. It's been a long time o hisashiburi desu. Yes Hai No iie Thank you Arigatou You're welcome/Not at all. Dou itashimashite! Please Onegai shimasu No thank you! Kekkou desu! Please/Go ahead/After you Dozo Wait a moment, please Chotto Matte kudasai Thanks for everything! O sewa ni narimashita Excuse me please (when disturbing someone) Shitsurei shimasu sorry to bother you (said when entering a house) O jama shimasu Cheers! Kanpai! Thank you for this delicious meal! Gochiso sama deshita Special events ______________________________________________________________ Congratulations! Omedeto ! Happy birthday! o tanjoubi omedeto. Happy New Year! Akemashite omedeto I wish you a Happy New Year yoi o-toshi wo. Have a nice day! Yoi ichinichi wo! Good luck (for the future)! Genki de ne! Basic needs _________________________________________________________________ I am hungry Onaka (ga) suita! I am thirsty Nodo (ga) kawaita I am tired/exhausted! Tsukareta I feel sleepy Nemui desu Where is the lavatory? O tearai wa dochira desu ka? Communication ___________________________________________________________________ How much is it? Ikura desu ka? Which way is it ? Dochira desu ka Where are you from ? Dochira no go shusshin desu ka? What time does it start? Nanji kara hajimarimasu ka? I am looking for ... ... o sagashite imasu I don't understand Japanese Nihongo ga wakarimasen Do you understand? Wakarimasu ka? A little (bit) Sukoshi I understand Wakarimasu I don't understand Wakarimasen I know Shitte imasu What is it? Kore wa nandesu ka? I don't know Shirimasen What does it mean? Do iu imi desu ka? How do we say that in Japanese? Nihongo de nanto iimasu ka? How do we say that in English? Eigo de nanto iimasu ka? Could you say that again please Mo ichido itte kudasai Could you speak more slowly! Yukkuri hanashite kudasai! I love you Ai shiteru __________________________________________________________ some stuff that I learned from that anime (spelling may be wrong). It's nothing! Li mino ni! How scary! Ou shudo si! I'm sorry (after bumping into someone) Ku'nabida Cute!! Kawaii!! beautiful love between men Moe Yeah! uo-oh looking back I didn't learn much even when the anime was avalible...
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  Kirti — Page created: 23 July 2008  |  Last modified: 7 June 2009
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BrittyKitty says:   23 July 2008   448358  
i don't even know how to try to say that!
Kirti says:   24 July 2008   381127  
Gomen nasai (I'm very sorry) it's just hard to get it into a readable format that
still looks somewhat uniform...
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   24 July 2008   473544  
this is very useful. i only put one japanese suffix in my story so far. maybe i'll add these into it! ... Maybe.
Yukikillergurl says:   24 July 2008   742781  
these will be handy when i go to japan..................................when im a
growen up!
Ritsukaloveless says:   24 July 2008   496927  
isn't "good morning" ohayo gozaimasu?
Kirti says:   25 July 2008   846115  
I don't know. this comes from another website I found. (in Japanese the same terms
are said complety differntly based of gander, age, and social class though, which
could explain it)
Miley_Cyrus_Fan99 says:   25 July 2008   398385  
it is hard to say those
Kirti says:   25 July 2008   152516  
well it would be... it's Japanese...
BreakingTheBroken says:   27 July 2008   865657  
awesome page!
Kirti says:   27 July 2008   329149  
‹-I-Rape-pie-› says:   29 July 2008   929578  
I am a rp-ing fan and as you know, most animes are in japanese so these are useful
when u rp! thx!
Kirti says:   29 July 2008   544943  
Your welcome! Yeah anime is usualy Japanese, and Manga is always Japanese...
otherwise it's just "graphic novels". which are like manga but American. (that and
they suck)
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   31 July 2008   127387  
I think Good Morning could be eithe ohayo or ohayo gozaimasu. If you don't know how
to say 'ohayo' just say ohio. Thanks for putting up this page!
Kirti says:   1 August 2008   475397  
i was pronounsing it "oh-ah-yo"
‹{☜☏☞}› says:   10 August 2008   965335  
Wakarimasen. Do iu imi desu ka? Gomen nasai. Nemui desu.
Yeh! I learned to say:
I don't understand, What does it mean? I really sorry, I feel sleepy...
Kirti says:   10 August 2008   844974  
good job!!
‹♥밀크흔들어♥› says:   28 August 2008   385725  
Gomen nasai Wakarimasen
Kirti says:   28 August 2008   815518  
shitte imasu, wakarimasu sukoshi.
‹Panda  Bear› sings:   31 August 2008   914823  
♪  Uo-oh!
                  I really ♥ this page  ♪
Kirti says:   1 September 2008   196343  
I'm glad!
Kirti says:   1 September 2008   991457  
oh waaaaah. this page is rated 6.3 out of 10! whats so bad about it?
‹starmuncher› says:   29 October 2008   843237  
Really interesting, you can really learn a lot from this. By the way, the japanese term for "It's Nothing" is "Li Mino ni"? I think it's supposed to be "Nandemo Nai" or "Nandemo Naiyo" Cause, i think Japanese can't really pronounce the letter " L "... nandemo naiyo (=nothing happened) betsuni nandemo naiyo daijoubu dayo (im ok. contains the meaning of "something happened but i'm ok") "whats up"= "dou shita no" "nothing " u can say "iie" or "nan demo nai da" In addition, you can also say "Nani-mo" which also means "Nothing"... you can say betsuni but it's a rude reply to a question... well, just a notice... ^_^
Larksong says:   29 October 2008   734196  
Awesome page! Thanks! I know a couple random words....

Hello? (As in picking up the phone) = Mushi Mushi

That's about it... =="
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   29 October 2008   595642  
The ones you "learned" on the anime like the

It's nothing!                                                              Li mino
How scary!                                                               Ou shudo

in my opinion are wrong. Like cherryblossom101 said, "it's nothing!" is "nandemo nai
wa" or "nandemo nai yo".  "How Scary!" could be "Kowai!" only. I've never heard "Ou
shudo si!" in Japanese before so it probably isn't Japanese or your definition of it
is wrong.

Cheeky_angel004, half Filipino half Japanese
just explaining.

(But in my opinion, you're good for a beginner, you know a lot.)
Kirti says:   29 October 2008   344478  
Well part of that could be that in differnt regions and classes words vary slightly.
Those phrases I learned from the anime come from a upper class suburban area where as
most people learn middle class Japanese from the Tokyo region.

Besides, I only write down how thise things were pronounsed, I never saw them
tiggerlemon101 says:   29 October 2008   661469  
I found something exactly like this for Gaelic.  it was fun.

This is cool!  It shall be useful now, I think.
_BuBBLEZZ_ whispers:   30 October 2008   322258  
Thank you o.o
*kisses feet*
Kirti says:   31 October 2008   222469  
‹ruthie .› says:   27 November 2008   428641  
Such an interesting language 
‹Ðark Fox› says:   9 December 2008   921874  
Thank you for this  I've been looking for something to improve my japanese ^_^
Kirti says:   9 December 2008   679371  
your welcome.
pikachu_girl_ sings:   27 January 2009   957315  
i love learning this
because if you say in a highish tone you sound kawaii
ayu96 says:   27 January 2009   515387  
This is soooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!
Ive been wanting 2 learn japanese!!!!!



Ja mata ne........
Kimiko_kitty says:   18 February 2009   441978  
ive been trying to learn japanese for a year now and this is really helpfull!!!
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   8 May 2009   226629  
Listening to Anime, I figured out some strangled words.

Demo = But
Nani = What

Not sure if I got the Japanese spelling right though.
Kirti says:   8 May 2009   314821  
No, that's the correct romanji form. For nani anyway.
‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   26 September 2009   481565  
Impressive!! I'm a Japanese who is in the Philippines now to study... You got most
of the spellings right! ^_^ If you need help pronouncing the words and those stuff, I
can put it in a simpler spelling for you! ^_^ 
For the good morning, it's actually, ohayo gozaimasu
This is a cool page ya know? It helps people in their Japanese! ^_^
I'm gonna rate it 10!
Here is a few words you can add: Nee-Chan=Sister
(in the category family)

Yes, I'm Half-Filipino and Half-Japanese...... Well, good luck! Hope you can visit
Japan soon!

Sayonara! *waves*
Kirti says:   26 September 2009   126498  
Thank you!
Warriors_Fanatic_101 says:   13 April 2010   324850  
This is very helpful and I love it <3
‹[[Joanna;;Oh No She Didn't ♥]]› says:   13 April 2010   845979  
This is helpful; I've been self tutoring myself in the Japanese language, but I'm
doing it with a library book... so I'll need to return it sooner or later xD
I can just look back at these now.
Thank you!
Aamir says :   27 May 2010   447146  
kore ga mitsuketa totemo ureshiku naru yo!

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