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Symptoms of teen bipolar disorder

I found a good, reliable website, but only copied the symptoms, due to the fact that it would be crazy long otherwise.
If you want more information, go to

"Manic symptoms include: Severe changes in mood — either extremely irritable or overly silly and elated Overly-inflated self esteem — grandiosity; beleiving they are all powerful; beleif that they possess special or superhuman powers Increased energy Decreased need for sleep — ability to go with very little or no sleep for days without tiring Increased talking — talks too much, too fast; changes topics too quickly; cannot be interrupted Distractibility — attention moves constantly from one thing to the next Hypersexuality — increased sexual thoughts, feelings, or behaviors; use of explicit sexual language Increased goal-directed activity or physical agitation Disregard of risk — excessive involvement in risky behaviors or activities
Depressive symptoms include: Persistent sad or irritable mood Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed Significant change in appetite or body weight Difficulty sleeping or oversleeping Physical agitation or slowing Loss of energy Feelings of worthlessness or inappropriate guilt Difficulty concentrating Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide"
One in seven people suffer from some sort of mental depressive disorder. Just in the United States, more then seventeen million adults have bipolar disorder. If some factored in kids and teens then the number would be staggering. Eventhough bipolar disorder is a serius illness, it's still moderately common, and doesn't prevent anyone from going on with their lives. Comment if you read this, please!
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‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   11 August 2009   363741  
Well, I had some symptoms of depression in fifth grade, but I doubt it was
full-blown depression.
Then again, that was when I gained my fear of death and nothingness. Yeah, nighttime
was not a happy time back then...
Kirti says:   11 August 2009   219364  
I don't have a fear of death so much as a strong inclination toward the aversion of
death. It was sixth grade when I began my quest for the truth and meaning of life.
Still working on the whole truth" bit...

Does being philosophical mean that someone is depressed?

And, I'm sorry... I hope you're sleeping better...
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   12 August 2009   263795  
If you come to a depressing conclusion about life/death, then maybe. I've come to
scary conclusions  before (particularly the whole "nothingness" concept. It's just
creepy to think about >.>.
And yes, I am sleeping better. Thank you.
tiggerlemon101 says :   12 August 2009   153846  
Being philosophical doesn't mean you're depressed... people jump too easily too a

These days, everybody is looking for a mental illness.  People can't just have their
eccentricities and be different... they HAVE to be mentally ill.

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