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Poke Story

Main Character Introduction
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Heres how it began...
There was a little girl who lived on a farm named Luchia. She really hated doing farm work and usually watched Neopets.
Today she was on her laptop. "Its time for dinner!" yelled her mom. Luchia ran down the stairs. "Aww mom. Not the same
thing AGAIN?" she groaned. "Well thats all we can afford right now." said her father. What they were having (for the
20th time) was chicken and potatoes. "And your aunts coming over." said her mom. "Oh no." said Luchia to herself as the
somebody knocked on the door. "Shes here!" said Luchias mom. She went to open the door. "Why hello Susan!" said Aunt
Kimmie. "Hello Kimmie!" said Susan (aka the mom). Luchia stormed up to her bedroom where she found her little brother.
"Jeramy! What did I tell you about coming in here?!" she yelled. "I need to tell you something." replied Jeramy. "What
now...?" saked Luchia. "Im a WIZARD!" her little brother said. "Yeah right.." said Luchia. "Yes I am!" said Jeramy. "I
found Harry Potters owl and it granted me with his powers!" "Say what?!" said Luchia surprised. "Youve been reading too
many books. And besides, mom said you should cut off." Luchia went downstairs as her brother followed. She sat down at
the table. Aunt Kimmie, Susan, Jeorge (her dad), and Thomas (her cousin) sat down. Luchia smelled magic (thats her
special ability for right now). Her little brother was up to no good. He had cast a spell on Aunt Kimmie. "...And thats
how its made." said Aunt Kimmie. Her head started turning rainbow. Luchia looked at her brother. Jeramy winked at her.
She winked back. "Good job Jeramy..." Luchia said to herself. Her father saw what had happened and took Aunt Kimmie
outside. She started to go up. Aunt Kimmie went WAY way up. Soon, SHE EXPLODED! (I know that doesnt make sense) Her mom
knew about what Jeramy had done and went over to him. "Jeramy." Susan said. "I have told you 6 times not to do that. But
what did you do? YOU MADE AUNT KIMMIE EXPLODE! (she already knew about the owl and the powers before Luchia) I am
BANNING you from our HOUSE! Now GET OUT!" Jeramy started to open the door when Luchia made an outburst. "No wait! It was
me!" she said. She was trying to cover for Jeramy scence she was older than him. She got banned instead. "Oh well..."
Luchia said to herself. "At least I can do more things..." She looked up and saw a shooting star. "I wish that someone
will come with me." she said. The shooting star turned and came right at her. "Oh no." Luchia said. "What have I done?"
The shooting star hit the ground right by Luchia. She flew back because of the force of the impact. Then everything
settled down. Luchia got up and walked tward the fallin star. Two little creatures hopped out from inside it. "Rai rai
chu." one said. "Kirlia kirl kirlia kirlia?" said the other. Surprisingly Luchia could understand them. "Hi little
guys!" she said. "Hiya! Ima Raichu!" said the first creature. "Im a Kirlia." said the other one. They stood up. "Wow..."
said Luchia. "Your much bigger than I thought." "Yea!" said Raichu. "We know." said Kirlia. "I wished for you guys I
think." said Luchia. "Wow!" said Kirlia. "Who are you?" asked Raichu. "Oh me? Im Lachia!" said Luchia. She was surprised
that when she was saying Luchia all she said was Lachia. "Well come on Lachia!" said Raichu. "Lets go to on an
adventure!" said Kirlia. Suddenly the land changed. It looked like something in a TV show that she saw before (NOT
neopets). "Alright then" said Luchia. "Lets go." A red and white ball fell from the sky. When Luchia caught it in her
hand it opened and a red light came out. It pulled Kirlia and Raichu in it. "I guess I keep you in there until we battle
with somebody." she said. "Okay then, lets go!"
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  Kirlia — Page created: 10 August 2007
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nascar says:   10 August 2007   153165  
is lachia the trainer and the raichu her pokemon?
Kirlia says:   10 August 2007   498113  
No! Lachia is the trainer and raichu AND ME are her pokemon! :3
nascar says:   10 August 2007   998315  
oh...... XDD got it...
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   11 August 2007   922446  
I love the story^^
Kirlia says:   11 August 2007   869777  
Your in it! X3
‹Northern Italy♥› says :   11 August 2007   889913  
ya I know^^
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