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1-D:Book 1 The Fear

   I was only a small girl then but, I could see and understand everything. The only thing the confused me was that my
vision wasn't normal, it wasn't clear it was green, I could see only in different shades of green. Until age 12, on
December 5,1997 was my birthday the day everything changed forever. I was walking on the beach sand barefoot. When I
suddenly stepped on a sharp peice of glass. When I plucked it out of my skin my blood was green and the last thing I
know.....Is that I'm not human anymore.
Chapter 1:The Club Members...
2 Years later...   "Hey! Has anybody seen my bracelet?"I asked. "Oh, wait... Miyabi! I think I saw it in the
computer room." "Well where in the computer  Carol?"I asked. "Look! I'm not sure if it's there but, I said I THINK I saw
it!"Carol said. "I'm not paying you to think I'm paying you to know!"I yelled. "You'r not even paying me at all!"Carol
argued. "Stop fighting you two,"said a woman. She had purple hair and red eyes and she swiftly walked across the room.
Let me introduce you to all the members before telling you the story.

Rukna Jews:17 years old, smart, responsible, and is an ancient slave princess.

Carol White:16 years old,protecter of club, protects people, has anger issues.

Miyabi Shy:I'm the destroyer of the club, destroy enemies, I'm a regular school girl from this time!
Chapter 1:The Way
I'm Miyabi Shy, I'm the yougest member of our club here but, the most powerful. Our club is called GTA short for Green Time Aliens. We all are like this because we all stepped on a peice of glass, but not just ordinary glass, a peice of glass from ancient times. Rukna the first member stepped on the glass in Egypt maybe in early BC or something.
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