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Role play

Okay to all you people I role play it's not real it's fake this is for .
<text color>Scene Pictures,
Images and Photos Brianna is a sweet girl who has had a tough time. Her dad killed himself when she was around the age of 6. Her mom is a pothead. She moved to a foster home and is looking for a sweet guy that will call her baby and treat her like a princess and will never be rude to her and never miss treat her ever. She wants to get addoptied but she has no luck at all with being adopted. scene girl Pictures,
Images and Photos Mia has a pretty well life she doesn't love her parents but she doesn't hate them. She is a mean girl. If you mess with her you'll be sorry. Her boyfriends have all been players and losers. She loves to draw a ton of things. Her life dream is to be a teacher, because she loves kids more than boys. I she likes to write about her life and loves twilight. Who doesn't? sCEne GAl Pictures, Images and
Photos Lisa is a girl who loves fantasies she is alll about day dreaming. She wants her own cideralla story like in the movies. She can be corny. She like her sunglasses a bit or ALOT more than she should love them. Belives in not wearing any make up besides mascara. She lives in a hotel room. Yup no money no life...She is saving it for marragie.. Pink Scene Pictures,
Images and Photos Lacey is a bad girl she loves to walk around the mall in barley covering skirts and she is a reble. She hates preps and cheer leaders. She loves to party,dance,and have fun. She wants to be a kid forever. She gets called names all the time which is rude. Her father is not alive. Hedied last year and she is very sensitive about it still. She will open up to you if she is trusting you enough. blonde
scene Pictures, Images and Photos FRannie s a perfect example of an mean girl.Shes got it all,looks,kick@ss body,a zillion boyfriends.Guys even have a nickname for her"Cex Kitten"xD.She also treats all other girls like sh$t and acts like a sl*t around guys.Pervs love her.xD blonde scene hair
Pictures, Images and Photos Myia Spends alot of time alone in her bedroom eaither sewing or reading.A real book worm.Quiet most of the time.Has never had a boyfriend.Very happy and sweet.Has never had a boyfriend because guys think of her more as a friend.She is still a virgin. scene girl
Pictures, Images and Photos Abby Sue a hot head. She has a bad temper that isn't set off that easily. She is normally a mellow person who goes with the flow. She can be slutty but not naturally. She chooses when to be and when not to be. Abby is a very open person and will lose all of her secrets over a drinking game. She will most likley tell you she loves you after she has a couple drinks in her. She loves pervy guys. boobs Pictures, Images and
Photos Hadley is a preppy teen.(blonde)She wants her own cideralla story like in the movies. She can be corny. She like her sunglasses a bit or ALOT more than she should love them. Belives in not wearing any make up besides mascara. She lives in a hotel room. Yup no money no life...She is saving it for marragie.. Scene girl Eva is the goth girl.Hates life and has tried killing herself many times,but always backs out because of her boyfriend.She feels like her boyfriend is the only one that understands her,and he is the only one in the world she loves.She is always with him.But if she isn't she will be writing in her notebook or in her death book.Whats in her death book you ask?Ways to kill herself.Once her boyfriend got shot,she was about to jump off a clift but then her friend came out telling her he is okay. scene This is Jasmine.She is a huge girlie girl.Sweet kind and loving.She adores children and wants more then anything else to be a teacher when she grows up.Likes painting her nails. blonde scene hair Pictures,
Images and Photos This is Abby's best friend Jenna they both are total sluts and Love to flaunt their stuff twenty four seven. You'll love to meet up with her to hang out and have a good time. scene Pictures, Images and
Photos Mia is a quiet girl and a bit of a nerd. Studies alot aalmost 24/7. Wants a sweet guy not a perv. Most guys try to get in her pants or sexually abuse her. She hates it too.Wants to move to Hawwaii.Would like to be a marie biyoclagist or a scientist. Hopes are as high as the clouds on a windy day. Thinks crack heads should die! scene girl. This is Trey.She is a tomboy.Loves hanging out with the guys and skateboarding.Always wearing her black hoodie.Likes listening to classic rock and hates bands like Paramore and Fall Out Boy because she believes they ruined rock. Scene
Chick Pictures, Images and Photos Lisa is a very tiny and polite girl. When she speaks it sounds like a whisper. No one has ever heard her raise her voice at anyone. A very very sweet girl. Gets A's in all her classes, has never kissed a boy and is of course, a virgin. Shebbs Pictures, Images and
Photos This is Marylin.She is known as a very very beautiful girl. She makes guys drool over her looks and her body. Her personality on the other hand, doesn't match her looks. She is mean, rude, and hates everyone. Doesn't date because she believes that guys are a waste of time and that they only want her for sex, which most of the time is the case. Loves her music and always has her ipod classic with her, doesn't like the newer versions of ipods. Blue Scene Pictures, Images and Photos This is Shelly and she is hairdresser.She is very girly and fashionable,but not sluty.Spends at least 1 hour on her hair each morning,forcing her to get out of bed an hour earlier then most kids.Doesn't mind guys but doesn't kiss the floor they walk on.Sometimes in detention sometimes not,B-C student and is a pretty normal girl if you forget about her obession with how she looks.Has an eating disorder that only close friends know about. finnish scene boy Pictures,
Images and Photos This is Cannon.he's quite immature. laughs at potty humor, but he's also quite sweet. he'll be the one right by your side if you fall down, he loves helping cats down from trees and stuff like that xD he likes being friends with girls, but if you try to be a slvt around him, he'll start telling you you have cooties and he'll run away xD scene
Pictures, Images and Photos This is Ruben and he is a trouble maker.Best friends with Nester and everythinks their dating even though they are NOT.D-F student but is actually a smart kid but he tries his best not to show it,so he fails school.He smokes and cuts sometimes.He dates at times but not always. scene boy Pictures, Images
and Photos Nester is a bad boy and a player.He gets bad grades and is a trouble maker he likes to be the wild one instead of the boring one. He makes up reasons not to get good grades and he alwa ys passes cause teachers can't stand one more year with him. He likes to be rude even though He has girlfriends he ignores them. *awww* Pictures, Images and
Ryan. Ryan loves women and women love him, Ryan is a ladies man.Constantly flirting, but is ver sweet and outgoing.He is always listening to his ipod. He is shy at first so he never makes the first move.

Pictures, Images and Photos Hunter Hunter is a huge teddy bear, girls aore him, guys sometimes think he is gay bc he is bestfriends with so many girls.He loves women and tends to better friends with them.He loves hugs and kisses.His family loves him but he lives with friends.He flirs alot but is really sweet and outgoing. He is very smart so guys think he is a geek, but he doesn't care what people say because he would rather listen to music than gossip.Hunter smokes and has a perverted mind, bu women still love em. Scene Boy Pictures,
Images and Photos Emo boys Pictures, Images
and Photos Jeffory. Goes by Jeffory xD On left. On right is Matthew :D Goes by Matthewa href="¤t=14.jpg" target="_blank">Scene This is Zeek.He is a huge nerd.Virgin and a nerd,of course.Loves to study on Friday nights and on the weekends,he does extra credit.Doesn't date at all because girls think hes a dweeb,which he kinda is. Scene This is Ashton.He is major perv.Lost his virginty when he was 12 to his babysiter.xD Whenever someone asks him about it,he justs nodes and says,"that was good."xD He works at a bar/stripper club as a bartender,and I think you can guess he isn't there for the money. Scene This is Aaron.He is one sweet,romantic dude.If he likes you,he isn't afraid to ask you out and treat you like a princess.Girls melt in his hands because of how nice and kind he is.A real gentlemen. Scene This is Ricky.He is a troubled kid.His parents were killed infront of his eyes by his older sister so he doesn't trust anyone anymore.Actually very smart,but fails school because he doesn't push himself hard enough.Girls think he is hot,but he says no to any dates because he doesn't want to get hurt. Scene This is Frankie.He is a very happy boy.Always smiles,never anything else.If your upset,he is the one to cheer you up and it'll take him about a second to do it.Likes playing with puppets. Scene Chance This is Adam.Drinks and smokes.An artist.His favorite things to draw are naked girls,but his parents never let me because they think it'll turn him into a manwhore.Dates once in awhile,but not head over heels when it comes to girls. Cuttie This is Sean.He is a funny kid.Classclown.Loves making people laugh.Doesn't give a fuck about school and is a huge goofball.Girls like him because he is great in bed.xD
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