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These are some poems i have written...

Life's Stage Fright

For how long now, have these smiles been plastered on?
For how long, must we sing the same sad song?

Lift the fog from our shallow hearts.
clear our minds, of all the attempted new starts.

run away from reality.
and it will sneak up suddenly.

a rude awakening brings us back.
hiding, no more. we bow down for our final act.

giving all we've got, was never so easy.
nothing left to give, our acting now seems cheesy.

the finale comes around, and not one standing ovation.
alone, with no one left to provide us with salvation.

eyes of the world, looking into our souls.
they can tell its a show, without a main role.

the plot is now foiled, as the stage fright rolls in.
running, hiding, looking for answers within.

Do you feel the shame?

Does it haunt you to know that you’ve broken so many hearts.
And killed so many souls?
Things like that can never be completely let go.

I cant take a pill to ease this kind of pain.
The only thing worse than this, must be your bottled up shame.

Give me a reason to forgive u, babe.
A reason that doesn’t end in a cheap line.
It doesn’t matter what you say, because you will never be forgave.
But still how do you live your life with all these lies?


F*orever is what people always say
A* heart is something a lot of people know  how to play
L*ove is a word people always over use, and not have it mean a thing
L*ife is something people ruin by what they choose, and by the pain they bring
I*n love, is something you’ll probably truly be in once
N*ever let your self fall too hard, or else you’ll look  back feeling like a dunce
G*ive it all you got, and never regret a thing, even those heartbreaking summer flings.

I*gnore the heartaches
N*ever assume

L*iving with a smile
O*verlooking the pain
V*ital heart; now easy to break
E*njoy it while its happening, because it wont always stay.

Feeling invisible
Like your alone in the world;;

Looking from the inside, out.
Not one person can hear you, as you scream and shout.

No one else in the world feels the same.
Isolated from the rest, enduring the pain.

Not speaking a word.
Every thing is always misheard.

Mind deep in thought, as I drift away.
Away to a place when dark is always day.

Seeing the world differently, and always thinking before I act.
It just might be the death of me, and that is one sad fact.

Happiness; an act
Smiles; always fake

Underneath this deceiving play.
Is something too explicit to say.

Finding a cause for every effect.
Always precise, never an estimate.

Quiet and invisible, but yet always full of ideas.
No one can see who I really am, under all the complications and fear.

-----There are many more poems that i have written, but was too lazy to put them on here, soo if you are interested in
hearing more, contact me or soemthing (:   lol     <3KellyRose<3
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  KeLLyRoSe012 — Page created: 3 December 2007
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asian_purple_218 says:   3 December 2007   732934  
Here are my poems:

Moonlight in Sight:

Moonlight so bright
it seems really right
i can see it in my very own sight
i love to sing and dance again-st
the moonlight that shines in my heart
I was searchingmy love of the moon that the lawn will MOO
Of my specialty of resonsibilities
and more than whom should be lit up
 in the moonlight for sight
asian_purple_218 says:   3 December 2007   942522  

Flowers & Trees
OH! Mother nature seems to see
for me & you for your resonsibilities
It seems she grows,feed,and see you
she grow seeds for the animals to eat
and finally i see my heart burn up and see
all its not for me.
asian_purple_218 says :   3 December 2007   447733  

my favoite game rymes with cup
the name is Kup-ika
I love to play again & forever
i want this to see it EVER
I love my chance in whom shall see;
i want my thing to be the winning or lose

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