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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hi, I know your secret
Stranger: what
You: You know Superman
Stranger: ya , he is my bst frnd 
Stranger: u also know him
You: Yes!!!
Stranger: thats gr8
You: Ok!
You: I'm Wonder Woman
Stranger: so u can fly
You: Yup
Stranger: n whats ur speaciality
You: It's a secret 
You: shhhhhhhhhhhh
Stranger: ya, i know
Stranger: so when r u comming to my home
You: When your in need of help
Stranger: ya i need ur company
Stranger: can u come now
You: Go talk to Superman about that
Stranger: i am talking with wonder woman
You: Yes
Stranger: isnt that enough
You: Nope
You: Superman is the one who keeps company
Stranger: so how old r u wonder woman(w2)
You: Another secret shhhhhhhhhh
You: I'm older than I look
Stranger: so how old r u 99
You: No!!!!!
You: Ewww then my skin would be all wrinkley and stuff
Stranger: bt u look younger
You: I know
You: You don't need to know my age
Stranger: so whats ur actual age
Stranger: ok
Stranger: i know thats a secret
You: I'm just Wonder Woman OK
You: I'm the sexiest superhero there is
Stranger: n what do u wear
You: A really tight corset, a mini skirt and boots
Stranger: and u dont wear any mask
You: Nope

You: But occasionally a tiara
You: And really long bracelets
Stranger: do super women have any boyfriends
You: Superman
Stranger: oh , so u two have married 
Stranger: or still dating
You: Married with children
Stranger: how many , and r they super children
You: 4 and they're superets
Stranger: so when do u 2 sleep
Stranger: u 2 r always busy saving the world
You: I don't sleep
You: And you mean you 6
You: We tried to get to Haiti but our capes weren't properly adjusted so they flew slower
You: And by the time we got there, POOF, everything was destroyed
Stranger: so ur kids will also join u 2
You: yes
You: you just never see them
Stranger: may i ask u a ques  where do u live
You: because they have invisibility powers
You: In a magical place
You: Beyond the sea
You: Well random stranger, off to save the world bye bye!
You have disconnected.
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  Kazol3 — Page created: 24 January 2010
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‹i love my boyfriend› says:   24 January 2010   553827  
wow lol funny
Kazol3 says:   25 January 2010   910642  
hell yeah it is
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says :   25 March 2010   997853  
Lollllllll nice Marrrr.

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