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Character Map Icons

Random Arial Unicode MS icons from the Windows XP (don't you love that?) Character Map. Okay? They're big so you can see them. ☀☁☂☃☄★☆☎☏☑☒☚☛☜☝☞☟☠☢☣☤☩☪☫☬☭☮☯☹☺☻☼☽☾♀♁♂♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓♠♡♢♣♤ ♥♦♧♨♩♪♫♬♭♮♯✆✇✈✉✌✍✎✏✐✑✓✔✕✖✝✟✞✠✡✢✣✤✥✩✪✿❀❁❂❃❅❥❤❦❧➜➢ To get Character Map: START >> ALL PROGRAMS >> ACCESORIES >> SYSTEM TOOLS >> CHARACTER MAP. Arial Unicode MS has the most.
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