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How to get Lugia and Ho-oh in Pokemon D/P <official>

First you must have:

For Ho-oh you need:

Nintendo Gamecube
Pokemon Colloseum
Memory Card
Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Firered, Leafgreen or Emerald game pak
Gameboy Advance 
Gamecube/Gameboy Link Cable
Nintendo DS
Pokemon D/P


You must have beaten story mode on Colloseum
You must have beaten The Elite Four on Pokemon Game Paks
You must have the National Dex on Pokemon Diamond or Pearl


First, on Colloseum go to Mt. Battle with your greatest team. (bring your master ball if you still have it or ultra
Then, beat all 100 trainers.
After that, Ho-oh will appear for you to catch.
After catching Ho-oh, trade it into your game pak.
Then, put your game pak in the second slot of your DS.
Migrate Ho-oh (make sure ho-oh has no HM moves) and five other pokemon.
Ta-da you have Ho-oh!


If you have Emerald, clone the Ho-oh in the Battle Tower. (Helping links at the bottom.)
So you can have a Ho-oh army!!
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  KatzRo0l — Page created: 2 August 2007
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xcottonxcandyx says :   2 August 2007   736217  
i got a lugia 
i have pokemon diamond
it was so easy
but the lugia is like around level 47 i think
but mines on DS lite
i had a level 71 empoleon and it almost killed lugia
but before you catch them remember to save first
because if you kill it by accident you can just turn off and play again

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