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Ouija Boards= EVIL!

Today, at 3:30 PM, my friend and I decided to use my old homemade ouija board. We were in luck, or so we thought. As we
browsed your site we read some of the ouija stories and didn't believe them when we read that a figure of eight means
the board was being controlled by evil!!! But I swear this is true. 

(Lauren and Hayley's encounter with the board) 

*Both of us* : Open the gates to heaven. 

*Hayley* : Is there a spirit there?
*Board* : Yes.

*Lauren* : What's your name?
*Board* : DW

*Hayley* Are those your initials?
*Board* : Yes

*Hayley* : What's your first name?
*Board* : Dave

**(the planchette moved randomly to the letter H, then E .. then eventually was followed by a double L. we soon realized
this spelled Hell)** 

*Lauren* : Are you evil?
**(the planchette started moving in a strange manner. I (Hayley) soon realized it was moving in a figure 8 repeatedly)**

*Hayley* : What are you doing?
*Board* : 8..8..8..8 EVIL

*Lauren* : Are you an evil spirit?
*Board* : Yes

*Hayley* : Are you going to hurt us?
*Board* : Yes

*Lauren* : What are you going to do to us?
*Board* : Rape..tonight...two

*Both of us* : What does two mean?
*Board* : Lauren and hayley

**(We closed the gates in astonishment...after this I (Hayley) was to scared to sleep in my attic alone...I went
downstairs and asked my mother if Lauren could stay tonight luckily she said yes)** 

**Lauren collapsed in agony, writhing about the floor, eyes bloodshot, white as a sheet...I held her down trying to calm
her. That's when I realized she had a scratch in an eight shape on her neck. She stopped stuggling and looked at me
worredly. She pointed to my neck. I looked in the mirror and was devasted to realize that I also had a figure 8 on my
neck. It has not become clear to us if this was a symbol of rape, but we shall never cross paths with the OUIJA BOARD

I only have one story, I found online. Original here. Just send any freaky Ouija stories to me and I shall post and link
back oir whatever. Those things are scary!
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  KatzRo0l — Page created: 18 October 2008
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‹♫♪Music.› says:   18 October 2008   663769  
ya im the first to comment. 
i will tell the truth this is boring
‹ruthie .› says:   18 October 2008   294838  
How do you know this is true?
‹<3 Her lips taste like a loaded gun</3› says:   18 October 2008   118351  
whoa...thats freaky
zany_mychemicalromance_fan says:   18 October 2008   762685  
have you guys read the instructions?! (well in my Ouija Board) it says in small
print on the bottom *Warning, the Ouija Board can make you Possesed.* this is creepy,
but i hav a creepier story....wanna hear? lol. no, i'm sure u dont
KatzRo0l says :   19 October 2008   898524  

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