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Our Akatsuki Story; Chapter Three

Chapter Three: Meeting

-nobody’s centric-

     First of the girls to enter the room was Katie, her kidnapper roughly clenching her shoulder and glaring at her
slow pace. They took a position in the corner of the room, not speaking to any of the occupants around them.

     Next, Courtney came in, Itachi following nonchalantly behind her. She immediately saw Katie, but as she took a step
toward her, Itachi grabbed her wrist and murmured, “Not now. Reunion time later.”

     After this, Rachel entered on her captor’s shoulders, piggy-back style. The rest of the occupants had the urge to
laugh at him, but chose not to as the man’s black half gave them a death glare.

“So we’re all here,” said a man with bright orange hair and piercings decorating his face. “Except-,”

     “Here, un!” said a blonde man entering the room, Kacie cradled sloppily in his arms. The other girls moved to go
toward their friend, but each of their companions held them back.

     “She’s perfectly okay,” said the blonde, “I just think she was a little frightened of my eye, that’s all.” He shook
her gently; after a couple seconds, Kacie awoke and shrieked at being held in her captor’s arms. Dropping down to the
floor, she straightened out her clothes and returned to silence.

     “Okay,” said orange-hair, “You all probably have no idea why we have brought you here in the dead of night with no
warning. I believe that by now, you deserve a full explanation.
     “You have been selected, by your skills, knowledge, and abilities, to join our elite organization of the


*after long explanation of what the Akatsuki is*

“So, do you willingly agree to join our group?” said orange-hair. 

     Rachel and Katie stepped forward almost simultaneously. “Yes,” Rachel said unflinchingly.

     “Yes,” Katie followed, “As well.”

     Courtney smiled. “Sure!”

Only Kacie looked a little wary.

“What if we say no?” she said.

	A woman with bright blue hair laughed and answered, “There’s only one benefit. Cremation costs are eliminated.”

	Kacie gulped. “Yeah, I think I’ll join.”

	“Good,” said orange-hair, “Then let us introduce ourselves. I am Pein, the leader of the Akatsuki.”


The four girls stood in a line while each member walked up to introduce themselves.

First was Kacie’s blonde.

     “Hello! I’m Deidara, un! I like art and blowing up stuff!” he said, a wide, cartoonish smile playing on his face.
He went to walk up to shake hands, but in his haste, he tripped and fell face-first onto the floor.

Kacie’s first impression of Deidara: An idiot.

      Deidara had yellow-blonde hair that swept gracefully over his metal eye. He had a rather skinny, girlish figure,
so effeminate that Kacie started playing “Dude Looks Like a Lady” in her head. 

The man with silver hair had long since released his wrenching grip on Katie’s right shoulder. Now, he walked to the
front of the room, glaring at the four girls looking at him.

     “Hidan.” he growled, then retreated slightly.

     “…so, that’s it?” Katie asked, rolling her eyes.

“*clementine* you,” Hidan muttered, then, murmuring a few choice words under his breath, he faded into the back of the

The man with red eyes and black hair walked to the front; Courtney’s captor.

“I am Itachi Uchiha. A pleasure for you to join our organization.”

     His voice sounded sincere and honestly, very sweet. Courtney was glad this guy was the one that caught her, not
like Katie’s foul-mouthed, standoffish man.

Last of the four who had first met the girls was the one with the giant Venus flytrap. As he stood to face the girls,
the plant was hidden still in its collar-like form.

     “I…am Zetsu,” he said, his teeth bared in a fiend-like grin. Slowly, the trap began to grow around his head, its
green jaws open wide. A collective shudder ran through the three girls, minus Rachel. She merely smirked, directing her
gaze to black Zetsu.

Next, the members who had not taken part in the raid came forward now.

“I’m Kisame!” said a man with bright blue skin. He smiled, his teeth as sharp as razors.
Sharky! Rachel thought. Itachi smirked at her thought.

“I am Sasori,” said a boy with sandy red hair, his body oddly stiff, “Of the Red Sand.” 

“I am Konan,” sighed the only girl of the original members. She had bright blue hair with a white flower tucked behind
her ears. “Wazup?”

“I am Kakuzu…” hissed a man next to Hidan. A hood covered his head, and a cloth was wrapped loosely around his nose.
Slowly, he undid his mask. Underneath was a normal mouth, yes, but the sides of it and the rest of his face were covered
in long stitch marks and sewed up flesh. Kacie flinched subtly. 

A bullet of orange shot past Kakuzu and glomped onto Rachel, giving her a ginormous hug. 

“Get it oooooooof!” Rachel yelled, swinging her arm around to dislodge the boy, but he refused to let go.

“Is…Tobi a good boy?” he asked in a childish voice, looking up at Rachel.

“Not if you keep holding onto me!” she grimaced.

Like her arm had burned his hand, Tobi let go of Rachel and flew back into the crowd.

“And I believe that would be it!” said Pein, running his fingers through his flaming hair to give it an extra spike,
“Now, our base does not have enough space to give each of you a personal room. Instead, Kacie, you shall stay with
Deidara (she groaned), Katie with Hidan (they shot malevolent looks at each other), Courtney with Itachi (she blushed,
he sighed), and Rachel with Zetsu (she…squeed.)
“Well, it’s late!” Pein yawned, checking the clock placed over the doorway, “Return to your rooms, now!”

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  Katilix — Page created: 29 April 2008
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popsciclexdino says:   29 April 2008   174955  
You Are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

I Can't Wait For The Next One............... Literally.......... I Want to Read It
‹gaara_sama› says:   29 April 2008   135523  
o.k i cant even explain how awesome that is!
Katilix says :   30 April 2008   273412  
Chel: ^.^ Glad to see ya like it!

Cour: o.O I'm writing the fourth right now. It'll be typed up as soon as I can!

Anime_rulez: Thanks muches! It took work!

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