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Sasuke's Daughter but Itachi's follower

Hiya!! Look at the title*points up* No I'm not Sasuke's girl, but I do respect Itachi-san. Sasuke-san and Itachi-san I
look up to the most though*bows head to both Sasuke and Itachi* 

This is the page on a girl in one of my stories on quizilla( check the story out in a few days at my username, Kamhye).
This young girl's name is Kenshi and her father is Sasuke Uchiha. Her mother is Raiaku Li(from one of my stories called
~~Don't Be Afraid~~ on quizilla. Check it out at my username*look above*). A bit of a profile on Kenshi. (Currently I'm
not finished but will be in a matter of days) She is currently in the story twelve years of age. She has a dream of one
day becoming a legend in Konoha. Her favorite colour is baby blue and her favorite flowers are Chrysanthemums and water
lillies(Ren). She one day finds out about Itachi-san and decides she must find out about her uncle. She, at the age of
thirteen at this point, journeys off with her team mates Min Ju Uzumaki(son of Naruto and Hinata in the story) and
Kohaku Nara(son of Shikamaru Nara). Some of the other characters and good friends of Kenshi's are Ku Inuzuka(Daughter of
Kiba and Sakura, sorry could think of anybody else for Sakura, cuz Sasuke was already taken and Sakura doesn't like
Lee), Koru Hyuga(Daughter of Neji Hyuga and TenTen), and Jinyu Uzumaki(Daughter of Naruto and Hinata). Some of the
characters that don't appear very often that are the same age as Kenshi are Yukko and Fuyu. Kenshi's sensei is Lee.
Kenshi is excellent at Taijutsu and Genjutsu. Her ninjutsu and Genjutsu are very good.
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  Katie_Chan — Page created: 17 March 2007
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monique1 says:   17 March 2007   412725  
Nice club, I will Give U a hit
Katie_Chan says :   17 March 2007   655219  
Thanks so much!

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