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Jokes,fun things and more

Welcome to The Country Line for all things funny for anyone who wants a laugh. Lets start with Yo momma jokes.

Yo momma Jokes

1) Yo Momma's so fat that when she sits around the house she sits A-R-O-U-N-D the house. 
2) Yo Momma's so ugly that when she went to the Haunted House she came out with an Application
3) Yo Momma's so fat that when she went to the beach they wouldn't let her in because she would take up all seven seas.
4) Yo Momma's so dirty she has to wipe her feet before going outside or else the whole world will have green clouds from
 her feet.
5) Yo Momma's so redneck she drives with one foot out the window, both hands up in the air and 20 six packs in her lap
and drinking them.

Annoy People Tip of the day

1) Sing the song that never ends at Taylor Swift's front door when she is about to walk out.

What women want in a man at age 72:

1) Breathing
2) Doesn't miss the toilet

How to pass your driving test: (do attempt at home)

1) Put your pet ape in the backseat
2) Keep your eyes off the road annoying your ape
3) Drive the police officer crazy
4) Text your best friend Carrie Underwood and scream at her for no apparent reason
5) Sing the batman theme song continuously
6) Keep both hand in the air
7) When you have to turn, turn around and let the car do the turning
 Go over to your house and continuously honk
9) Go where you need to go
10) When the police officer gives you a ticket yell yes!
11) You did not pass your driving test, you passed the full blown redneck test

Lazy Tip of the Day:

1) When you get to work go to sleep right in front of your boss. Make sure you dropped your coffee on his new white
suit. You'll have your job even longer.
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hollisterluv702 says:   21 December 2009   692922  
I don't get the #1's
KaraElizabethSwan says:   21 December 2009   868691  
You know A-R-O-U-N-D the house. From every crack and corner in the house.
hannahboo says:   21 December 2009   656504  
lolz love the annoying tip of the day 
‹Jinx Ellise› says:   21 December 2009   912340  
lol number 2 was funny :P

Hey heres another one..

Yo mama's so FAT, when she jumped in a watering hole at a family vacation site.
The splash caused hurricane Katrina :P

lol i'm terrible.
KaraElizabethSwan says:   21 December 2009   259760  
I'm glad these are entertaining! I put more out tmrw!
‹i love my boyfriend› says:   22 December 2009   941909  
haha lol u should put up singing the song that never ends 
seriously it doesnt im serious.
serious, serious.
KaraElizabethSwan says:   22 December 2009   309351  
I will!
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   22 December 2009   197521  
Sing the British song "Aggadoo" out fully. It goes "Agga, doo,doo, Agga, doo, doo"
for twenty hours.
KaraElizabethSwan says :   23 December 2009   535382  
That's pretty annoying.
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