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(A page I took over for a friend)

(The page is not complet yet) 

 Okay what the heck is this page about? 
Vocaloid is a voice synthesizer program to create "singing" with a "virtual singer". 

 OH MY GAWD! IT'S A HOLOGRAM! SHE LOOKS SO REAL! *trys to touch the screen*
The World Is Mine

*FacePalm* Yes... That's a Vocaloid concert... And that's Miku Hatsune.

Butterfly On You Right Shoulder

Just Be friends

Uh huh, some I could name off the top of my head are Meiko Sakine, Kaito Shion, Len and Rin Kagamine (The one's in the
second video and Len is the boy), and Luka Megurine (the third video)

 T^T Why does Japan get this awesome stuff and I don't?
Actually, they have one L.A. every year... Plus there are english Vocaloids.

 O-o? Wait who's Big al and Sweet Ann? 
Thoes are english Vocaloids... They're not by Crypton, they're by Power FX, and they don't have offical concerts or
anything like that...

 :D Hey look a Purple haired Samurai! 

Oh you've met Gakupo Kamui (Also known as Gackpoid)! He's not a Crypton Vocaloid either but we all love him too! He's by
Internet CO. Gumi is another popular Vocaloid by Internet CO.

 Is that celery in Miku's hand? 

That's a leek, a type of Japnese green onion. Almost all of them have favorite foods. Kaito likes ice cream, Meiko likes
sake (a type of Japanese rice wine), Rin likes oranges, Len likes bananas, Gakupo likes eggpants, and Gumi likes
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