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Mah Franzors ;] ;]

Sora/Mouse~! Her name is like Felicia. Techno music is her thing<33 it reminds me of her, so I listen to it a lot xD. It's awesome, I know. She's my best friend, love her; anyone hurts her I beat their face in! :] Yush, she's nice, adorable, shy, sensitive, SMART [really smart to be honest] what more is there? Nice personality. ANIME ADDICT. Friggen Advil, anime, soda...;] I dream about you, honey. xD She can draw like really good! And she makes these fucking awesome video's on youtube...she does this thing called "editing" it's really awesome...FFR ILYSFM
-No picture yet- Smeep she's gorgeous, awesome, nice. she's like, really funny and smart. ily. she can draw some pretty cute things xD. I wonder what would happen if I was locked in a room with her? o_o; XD woah images much? don't get pervy people...god. lol whut? she reminds me of a kitten, I don't know why but she just does.
Katie~ she's like the best, her name must be katie :] Love her, she's awesome. Nice person, hilarious...and a little strange. TBH she's better than most of you xD so get used to it because you won't be able to beat her anyways. HAHA. I wonder what her theme song is...maybe it's...something crazy and wacky XD who knows? she's awesome

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  KaitoEverLasting — Page created: 29 June 2008
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falloutrocker says:   29 June 2008   913565  
im a pervert too D';
only aboyt Gway
and Spuff :DD
Scrubs_fan1 says:   29 June 2008   941259  
Yay :D
Lul, thanks Kai. You. are. awesome.

falloutrocker says:   29 June 2008   494139  

but soras really mean to me.
she bashes me for reason
; - ;
KaitoEverLasting says:   29 June 2008   369724  
She does? O.o
falloutrocker says:   30 June 2008   216149  
ive never had a fight or anything with her and shes really mean to me.
Scrubs_fan1 says:   30 June 2008   312684  
Awh, poor Smeep.
KaitoEverLasting says:   30 June 2008   761469  
I really doubt that....she rarely goes on kupika anymore...-o-
falloutrocker says :   30 June 2008   656776  
smeep dosnt lie kthnx. on her old account (energyxfreek) we were friends for a while
and then she just got all..rude.

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