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25 F United States of America
speaks English
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Well, idk where to start...so i guess ill just introduce myself. I'm
Kailyn Kyosuke, 17 Years old and one REALLY scary person if I'm P/Oed.
I do try to be nice though and am generally very accepting of people
under any circumstances... I can also be quite opinionated but i try
my best to only contribute statements that are backed up with facts
whenever speaking on a matter. I am a rather...oddball myself, but
that just makes things all the more fun xD Also, I should say that i
ally myself with neither Light or Darkness...but with Fire and

So...i suppose now you want to know about what i like now... Well,
there is Yu-Gi-Oh!. I love playing and going to tournaments weekly
when i can make it xD other than that i do occasionally play
Maplestory (I'm a Lv 5X Fighter in Khiani) and i do play "Naruto D+D"
and "Star Wars D+D" ...albeit my friends and I just screw around and
use dice to make it more fun xD

Now we're on to some more...actual information about me, right?
Well...If you must, Im an intelligent girl...although i have my
moments of pure stupidity...and I do try to express my feminine traits
more now, but some guy-ish traits do still pop up from time to time.
>.> Imma leave that part alone now. Other information? I'm not really
fat, but im not exactly in shape right now....im working on it (OMG i
hate PE T-T). Also I like to dress in odd fashions...most times its
pretty much cosplay on a daily basis. xD

What do I believe in? Not the bible, that's for sure. I don't want to
make friends/enemies based on differences in beliefs....but in all
truth i just cannot stand Christian beliefs. It largely conflicts with
my personality(ies) and morals. I'm a Wiccan, although i do admit i
really don't know too much into it specifically...Overall though, i
find studying Mythology, Legends, and things of the like to be rather

My taste in Music you ask? Well....i do acknowledge that other people
have what they listen to...but it doesn't mean i like it. I perfer
Rock, in almost all of its forms...i just dont particularly enjoy
Blues or Country. Im also really into the J-Scene, and somehow
anything i cant stand in english is all great when in Japanese...idk
why. So far i dont really follow many bands...except for Green Day,
Van Halen...and everything else is pretty much anything goes. I can
enjoy a good classical piece or orchestra...and i really dont mind
jazz, i just dont listen to it. I cannot stand RAP though. It is
painful to my ears if it carries that tone...The same goes for Hip-Hop
and R+B. There was a time when i liked that, i admit...but that was
before i discovered the magic sound that is Rock. There remains two
and only two exceptions to my hate for cRap, and they is Persona 3
...because the game itself was good and eventually after all that
gameplay the music grows on you and some few songs that some of my
friends listen to that are just flat out hilarious when u realize what
they're saying. I dont mind remixes, unless theyre bad ones. If It's
good, that I'll enjoy it. Techno overall i enjoy listening to, but
sometimes it can bore me...its gotta have excitement, you know?

Anything else you want? Hmm...i suppose you might want to know what
kinds of games i enjoy...idk, im running out of topics >.> I play
RPG's like Persona 3 FES, Persona 4, and .Hack//GAME (including both
the first four, and G.U.)...I also enjoy playing tactical games...like
Makai Kingdom, Fire Emblem, and Advance Wars : Days of Ruin. Fighting
Games are really one of the only competitive type of games Im actually
good at though. I love playing Brawl, Tatsunoko V.S. Capcom, Naruto
Shippuden Gekidou Ninja Taisen EX3, and Many, many various other
games. Platformers are pretty cool too, I enjoyed playing Ratchen and
Clank 2 : Going Commando, and the Jak and Daxter Series. I usually
dont really enjoy racing games....occasionally i might enjoy one, like
say Mario Kart....or Yugioh 5Ds Wheelie Breakers...but normally racing
games bore me. Sports games I dont even consider to be games. Period.
There is also the ever-popular Shooter types....I can have a pretty
goot trigger finger....but overall im almost entirely sick of this
genre....about the only shooter games i bother to play are Gears of
War and Star Wars Battlefront 2....then theres the oddball
games...Like Suzumiya Haruhi no Heiretsu and Mario Party. Fun, but
weak. Oh well.

About time to wrap up, isn't it? Well thanks for reading, and i hope
you have a good day. The last thing i can really talk about here is
the groups I'm a part of. At my school, im the president for the
upcoming Gaming Society, and i was last year also. We held weekly
Tournaments for Brawl, and ppl loved it. The other thing is im
Co-Leader of my Dueling Squad currently known as the Dream Team. We
might be changing the name, we might not. idk yet. We also try to meet
weekly and help each other improve. One thing for certain is that
everyone on the team definately hates all metagame. Oh, and did I
mention that we often take home monetary prizes? xDD The last thing
before i go is that I am co-writing a KH fanfic with one friend of
mine, and I admit i didnt want to at first...given all the really bad
KH fics and vids out there... Well he convinced me and we got working
on it, have it all planned...its a matter of getting it all typed. xDD
all weve typed so far is the prologue.

Well, that's me, i hope we can get along. Nice to meet you! ~^x^~ If u
want to know anything more about me, let's be friends, 'kay?


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