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26 F United States of America
speaks English
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 Everybody Love me=)
i love eating i do it when im bored sometimes i know its bad... i
love to talk i talk all the time im a chatter box i love msn im on it
like alot and ive just satred to like wokring on my site i love the
summer where i swim eat and bike with my friends all day. i love to
snowboard and play basketball and soccer. i am obsessed with watching
and playing basketball i love wtaching especially guys that are my
age. i love to sleep i only like reading non educational books. girly
books are the best. i love ashley olsen and mary kate i think i might
like ashley better ! I like eminem i love music i cant live without
it! i love ipods even tho they are soo overrated i love them alot! i
hate when ppl say i think i know what you said but you know what you
said actually when theyre like i heard you say it and then everyone
responds with i think i know what i said its a stupid thing i love to
sleep with socks on! i love sleepingin a really cold room with really
warm covers. i love wearing my hair in a really messy bun and not
caring what im wearing or what anyone thnks of me! i love being the
same and being different. evryone tyhinks im really dumb but im
actaully pretty smart. i love when u wake up by yourslef and you feel
like you actually are refreshed. i cry eveyrday usually. i chew soup
and ice cream even though u dont ahve to i just do. i hate when ppl
assume things. i hate ppl who seperate themselves i hate pl who push
other ppl to do things they dont want i ahte when other ppl are mad
over somebody elses decision because its there life not yours. i watch
tv alot but i mainly follow a few shows MOSTYLE THE OC!!! i LOVE it i
think who ever invineted the word popular caused alot of problems in
our social society. i always procrastinate. i love dancing i always do
i love competitons but i ahte practicing im an average athlete . i
hate when you really want something but somebody else gets it who
doesnt even want it. * captain* i hate spiders and mainly all bugs. i
love new things. i love when rachel re-arrnages my room. i love to
take pictures. i love to eat icecream. i hate cleaning. i love
hammiks. i love seeing the sunrise. i love the beach. i hate when
summer is over. i love christmas. i love movies. i usually like ppl
but nobody evr knows not even my closest friends. i ussually donyt
even know them that well when i like them and i ahte that but i still
like them. i love raspberries. i love candy cane ice cream. ill cry
when the oc ends. i always cry when other people cry. i always throw
up really easily like when i see gross things but not over blood. i
love sleeping bags. i love to shop. i have too many best friends. i
love spending time with my family. i have some really weird habits. i
talk to myself alot. i love to wear and put on maekup. i love going
place, mostly to say i've been there and to shop. i talk behind ppls
backs and im not going to deny EVERYONE does it. i hate hwne ppl say
im not like that anymore but they DEFINATELY are i'm not organized at
all. i HATE braces. . i hate car rides. i get car sick mostly if im on
a bumpy road. i love starbucks. i love music so much. i love icons. i
love hearts and drawing hearts. i love to sing super bad and loud. . i
love to act. i love being a drama queen. i love jewelery. mostly
earrings im sometimes paranoyed about getting in trouble. i love to
bake and cook. . i hate showering and shaving but i do anyways. i love
to doodle. i cry, ALOT. when i think i'm gonna get into trouble i feel
like i'm gonna throw up. when i get into trouble i always cry or tear
up and try to hold it back. i feel really bad for ppl when its really
not that bad.i make fun of ppl tho and usually fell even badder lol
thats not a word w/e when i like someone nobody knows. i love putting
makeup on and designing new things to do with my eyes. i love vintage
stuff. i love planning my clothes. i love meeting new people and
talking to them. i love hanging out with ppl who dont go to my school
i love getting mail even if its junk! i adore Presidents Choice
Candycane icecream wirh chocolate fudge crackle!! i eat way to much
junk foood but i'm NOT fat. i love tv! i love sleeping! i hate when
ppl make you feel really down like saying one person is there bestest
freind ever. my best friends are rachel dodd, abby st corix,katie
johnstone,alex mccabe ,lauren zavitz. mckenzie ross, olivia varriano
and heather maccrone i ahve a whole bunch of guy frinds but im not
gong to name them i hate coffee except in frozen stuff and i love tea.
when i'm home alone i blast music and dance in my underwear and bra. i
love watching movies alone and alughing when non one theres. bra
shopping is super fun. shoe shopping is fun. just all shopping is
super fun! and i love buying present for people and giving them too
them. ive never gotten anyone a pet for a present i wanted to get
lauren a turtle but my mom said i couldnt. i'm a drama queen. i love
hammiks with EVERYONE not just one certain person. my family is called
loveable but nobody really knows what its like. we get along but were
not perfect. i love kittens and cats. i LOVE all animals excpet for
bugs like i said before ive danced since i was like 2. i love it so
much!! i love being friends with everyone. im the total opposite of a
clen freak. nothing is ever organized. i love: my friends & family i
absolutely LOVE having a crush on someone or someone who i like having
a crush on me. i love it when guys ay i am pretty even hot works. i
ahte it when older ppl are like your gorgeous and you just think yeah
why doesnt anyone my age think that i love my doggies & kitties<3
taking pictures its sooo much fun music limewire piczo people who do
things for me people who lie for me people who give me lots and lots
of compliments refusing compliments  cracking my knuckles old people
little people hearts talking being a retard. and being gangsta =D i
hate: smoking drugs , suck up losers, being cold and elementry schol
teachers who abuse their priveledges! i've lost all my baby teeth. i
cry alot and very easily but not for pain but because i'm a a baby.
i've been to mexico, canada(i live here) the usa, europe more
specifically england. i've been bunjee jumping. i love frinds both the
tv show and real friends especially chandler bing!! the chan chan
man!! i went to 3 schools: montesoori, st aouls and pearson my
highschool is going to be STA. i love dancing i love doing fake yoga!
I ABSOLOUTLEY HATE waiting!!!!! its so BORING! ARGH! i love long talks
with my dad and long talks with my mom or together =D. i'm actually
pretty funny. i expect too much. im not that high matience. i get dont
get nervous easily. i LOVE scary movies. i love getting mail/letters
i love coca cola i love cats. especially mine. RETRO and VINTAGE are
kick ass words. i swear alot, actually TOO MUCH! i mostly say aaron
carter and some others concerts. i went to matchbox 20 with dodd when
i was 11 i wewnt o a black eyes peas concert with abby and dance
friends i want to go to a cool concert like eminem concert i lie
sometime but not that much i HATE DRUGS AND CIGARETTES icky. those are
the 2 most disguisting things ever. me and my friends act like
lesbians but I AM STRIAGHT! i listen to alot of music. but never one
from 4-8 or highschool. i dont watch that much tv. i see a lotta
movies. i buy pointless things and always wish i never wasted my
money. i always flex my butt on the couch i always find myself when
i'm cold with my hands in between my legs. ! x-mas is an amazing time.
i love tanning. i love swimming and diving. i love watching movies.
evryone can be a bitch. and i absolutely hate when ppl i assume since
i knowe liike one little thing or say one little thing im pretending
to be obsessed with anything im not OBSESSED with anything i juts like
and love a whole alot of things 

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jennifer101 9 Mar 07  
hey wats up wat are u up 2
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nothin much
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hi how ya din?
KagomeAngel10 11 Mar 07  
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