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Old Profiles

Needed a new one so I'm keeping old ones here.
Zoe's just full of idears, ain'tcha?
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`Hallo!! I'm Lora! Most people here call me Jim though... Or Jim-chan! :D `You may also call me Scotti. `Since it's my profile, I get to tell you about myself!!! MUAHAHAA So sit back and listen! `Well, I'm a big christian. So I hate it when people curse. It's a pet peeve of mine and probably the only one. `I am kind of lazy... but you don't need to know that. hee hee `I am really slender, people say I should grow up to be a model(like that'll ever happen since I hate dresses, skirts, pink, AND make up. So you can say I'm sorta a tomboy)I have blonde hair... I have glasses! If I didn't then how would I read those Chick Fila billboards with the cows???? `I love to laugh and be laughed at... wait I hate that... I also can confuse myself... `My favorite type of movies are comedy, action, and adventure. Mainly Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 2, which has all these!!! Hooray for Johny Depp!!! (but I hate romance..) `My fave movie for now is the Mel Brooks version of Robin Hood! (hilarious!!!) `My fave actors are Jim Carey, Johnny Depp, Will Smith, and Tim Allen. `People say I'm really smart and really tall. `I'm into Anime and manga and people also say I can draw it pretty well, ecspecially my sister. `My concerns are when I think about the future, death, and life itself... they make me feel sick in the stomach... `Some people say I can sing but my brother is way better. `My favorite type of music is anything christain or I just like listening to strange songs I find on the internet like the egg song. `I do not smoke or drink and I never plan to in the future... `Speaking of the future, I may never come back so sorry if I wasted a minute of you life by making you read this... But you never know! I may come back! *poke poke* Hello ^_^ I'm baaack!! ^_^ It's Stitchness McDabien Robertoyah! And his brother, Golgenfire Henchcrate Matcolin! Some rainbow icons... Like I didn't have enough as it is xDD Some others that I absolutely LOVE: He can rescue me ANYDAY Rawwrrrrr ;] I can't help but love 'im NEVER KUPICHATS
Bai Now B:

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