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25 F United States of America
speaks English and Spanish
Last login: 20 July 2012
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The names jade :3 
I've Been Doing What I Do For 19 Years, Im Not Changing. 
Im Vegetarian, Tea-aholic, Dont smoke/drink/drugs/fuck 

I Live For 
-The Love- 
-The Glitter- 
-The Adrenaline Rush- 
-The Tears- 
-The Loss Of Breathe- 
-The Spotlight- 
-The Heart Racing- 
-The Pain- 
-The Beat- 
-The Fucking Mistakes- 
-The Lesson Learned- 

Before I Go into this about me, let me just say, if the only reason
your on my profile is because you dont like me, or you just want to
come here and make a mockery of me, your sad. go somewhere far away
with your pathetic bull shit, because no one likes shit talkers and
labelers. You Mad? Stay mad. 
Dont Like It? Dont Care. 
"Life's A Bitch. But You Need To Grab Life By The Hair, Yank It, And
Make It YOUR Bitch. This Is Your Life, And You Follow Your Heart, And
Never Let The Bitches In Life Bring You Down." - Jade Adrian Temple
 I live in the 7forOH! of ohio.
 I'm Taken By Austin <3 And I Love Him With All Of My Heart. 
Im very nice and love meeting new people and making new friends, so
dont be shy to talk to me. But please dont send me like 20 messages at
once. That kind of gets annoying. If I dont reply to you right away,
just give it a little time. If I dont reply to you right away, it
means i kinda got busy, or am doing some other things at the moment.
Ill get back to you, I promise :].I dont follow Rules very well. I
like Photography, Modeling, Cutting/Styling hair, Designing Clothes,
Singing/Dancing, Drawing, and Writing. I am currently a model for
CYANIDE STUDIOS, and PURE PERFECTION. I plan to make a career out of
the first 5 things I named. So if you need anyone to take any
photography, or cut/style your hair, or model for your Designs,
anything. Dont be afraid to ask :] I need all the Chances I can get,
and yes, my hair, I do my own Sometimes. Other times, its done by my
own personal piercing/hair stylist. Just to let anyone know, who wants
to go ahead and judge me, or label me, or bring me down, nothing you,
or your so call "normal" friends have to say, will ever bring me down.
Ive been through so much shit in one week than you have in 3 fucking
months of your life. Its funny to me that just by having Pink in my
hair, or piercings on my face, or wearing bows with teased hair, it
automatically tells everyone my religion, my sexuality, or my so
called "scene/emo" style. Fuck your labels, Fuck your normality, and
Fuck you. While you sit back in your little Pathetic chair of
"Normailty" going nowhere in life by making fun of others with
independence and self style, ill climb my way to the top where I want
to be. So whether you call me a Freak, Atheist, A sceney Weenie,
whatever the hell you want to call me, nothing you think, say, or do,
will change what makes me, myself. 
so suck on that. 
The shit you hear about me MAY be true, but then again it may be as
fake as the bitch who told you it.
 Get to know me. 

Im A Lover,
And A Fighter..

Im In LOVEE With 80's Hair Metal. I am my own person, which means, I
do NOT relye on other people. The only person who made me who I am, I
dont try to be like everyone else like a good percentage of people do.
I am definitley no where near perfect. Which I accept, and admit with
ease. I believe having flaws makes you who you are, and what makes you
 Im going to say this, one time. 
 Constantly, i find people that have taken shit from my about me,
people that are my so called friends, and people that so called "dont
like me" yeah, you know who you are. Get a fucking life. Be Yourself,
dont try to be me. Thats just lame as hell. MY about me Is written
from my heart, Not some shit you just find on a google search for lame
ass people who cant think of what to say. If i Catch you taking things
from my about me, and trying to make your own lame ass version of it,
You will be deleted and blocked. Im not being a bitch, that shit just
pisses me off really bad. Also, that quote up there at the top of my
page, is my quote. Please do not take it and use it on your profile
without putting who its made by. Its not selfish, its just common
respect. Thank you.
 I Fucking hate fakes. I hate them. Ive seen people add me multiple
times that has pictures of girls or guys I know, ive spoken to, Ive
dated, or im friends with. So if your a fake, and your reading this,
dont even bother adding me. Because I will know, and I will call you
out on it. Im not stupid. Ive seen people take shit of mine too, if
your so lame that you cant even put your own pictures up, then I dont
even want to know you. I dont like to know fake people.
 DO.NOT.LABEL.ME. thank you very much, you really cannot put a label
on me, of course when you take a look at me, your probably gonna shove
some stupid ass label on me, but thats just silly. You need to get to
know me, because i guarentee you once you do, you'll take that label
back so fucking fast it will give you whiplash. I constantly catch
shit from people saying "OH YOUR JUST A SCENE KID, YOU WEAR HELLO
up. For One, I've Loved Hello Kitty Since I was a Little girl, and its
not possbile to be born into some fucking label, hello kitty was not
made for some label people with no personality shoves on others. For
two, yeah, I wear brass knuckles. Your point? I have for years. I wear
them because they symbolize something to me, not to fit into some
"crowd." Thats just pathetic. For three, yeah? I listen to those
bands? and? most of my favorite bands arent considered "scene" so once
again, please, go away with that nonsense. If you STILL feel the need
to look at me and label me, well then shit, im sorry you have no
 Also let me clear up a misunderstanding. Just because your a guy, and
you added me, and im talking to you, doesnt mean i want your dick. and
for future references. NO i will NOT send you nudes. kay?
 Im going to put this in a very brutal way, but you know what, i dont
care. Im tired of people opening there mouths to me about it and being
LISTEN TO OR SUPPORT. Most of the fucking bands on my playlist are
bands I know personally, or supported from the very start, which means
I LIKE THEM. If you dont like them, I dont, oh wait, whats that thing
called again? uhh, CARE. Dont comment me saying "oh this band did a
horrible cover of this song" or "your song on your profile is
terrbile. FAIL FAIL FAIL" FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU. Go piss off and
fall off a cliff. Nothing pisses me off more than someone who rags on
my music that I have emotional attachment to, And its not like I know
what fucking song your talking about anyways. My playlist is on
Random. So when you say THAT SONG, oh yeah? what song out of the 25? I
dont go to your profile and talk shit on your shitty bands thats more
than likely all mainstream radio bull shit anyways, so just stfu and
save your breathe. 
My Profile name is also something that I get aggravated about, because
i get really rude people who say things to me like, "your profile
names too long" or "your profile name is stupid, it annoys me" you
know what? you annoy me, so the feelings mutual. Also i get the
perverts, who say "oh whos adrian? do you fuck them good? " yes. i
fuck the shitt out of my middle name. every night. -.- Come on people.
My name on myspace has been that way for years, and theres actually a
story behind it. So before someone goes bitching about it, keep that
to yourself too, because I once again dont give a fuck, And i wont
change my name for your liking. kthx.
 My religion? I dont really have one. I dont know if you would say im
religiously confused, or i just have alot of other things on my mind.
There are things I dont agree with in the bible, but are some that I
do find agreeable. But I have also found some things to be
Hypocritical in that book. I believe there is something. Dont judge my
ways of thinking, I have a right to believe what I want. Dont try to
force some Religion on me that I dont agree with, Or tell me that Im
going to hell because I dont believe in the same ways as you, because
that right there, is a sin. It is labeled as Judging someone, so if
your going to follow your Bible ways, you just sinned yourself, so
count yourself in as going to hell right along with me. So stick to
yours, Ill stick to mine.

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Hello how are you
JadeyDoll 8 Jul 12  
she was admitted to the hospital so bad.
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