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Yay For Stupid Moments!

So my friends and I are amazingly retarded So is my family And so I don't have to tell the same story millions of times I'll just make a page for it :] Yay for stupidity! Kea and I were in Walmart Riding tricycles cause we're just pimpin' like that xD Kea managed to knock a movie shelf over So we got kicked out for a week xD The manager said when we come back we can still ride the tricycles But if we knock something over again then we can't ride them anymore xD Stupid Quote Of Kea: Bang Bang Choo Choo Train! NO! It should be Bang Bang Choo Choo BOAT because then it makes NO sense 8D Stupid Quote Of My Mother: Jaden, you look like a girl. If you put a bra on and stuffed it with cotton balls you could pass as a girl. Lemme go get you a bra 8D Stupid Quote Of Brendon: I didn't want to tell you this at the store but those jeans you got yesterday make you look like a girl. Jaden, you should be a girl :] Stupid Quote Of My Mother: Girl's Lunch time! Jaden, let's go :] Stupid Quote Of My Father: Jaden, we're going to have some Father-Son time. :] ...I'll get you ice cream if you go with me. The friends and I were standing in a circle One of my friends decided shortest goes in the middle Shrimp-o me ends up in the middle You have no idea how small I felt Kea's taller than me! She was trying to make me feel better but she failed She succeeded in making me feel shorter Damn my short-ness xD Kea and I were standing outside on my front porch There were these little kids across the street One girl says "That boy looks scary" So Kea says I should yell 'Rawr' at them So I stand on the railing and yell "RAWR" The kids ran inside a house Kea and I continued to scare little kids all day xD Stupid Quote Of Kea: I'mma rape you in your sleep... But then Danny might kill me... And you might get me preggo... Nevermind 8D So I woke up at like 1:15 pm My mom was cooking so I asked her what she was making for breakfast Mom said "Jaden, Sweetheart, it's lunchtime" I'm not allowed to stay up past 4 am anymore xD More Stupid Quotes and Stupid Moments to Come
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RickiROCKOUT says:   29 May 2009   242847  
Lol... Yeah, you're totally a girl on the inside, and you totally know it... XD
‹Jaden;; AngelInDisguise› says:   29 May 2009   272675  
Oh hush! xD
Excuse me for being close to my feminine side
I blame my mother xD
RickiROCKOUT says:   31 May 2009   289292  
Lol, now you're just making excuses... XD
‹Jaden;; AngelInDisguise› says:   31 May 2009   647894  
RickiROCKOUT says:   3 June 2009   287399  
I'll give you ice cream if you come??? THAT'S HILARIOUS!!! XD
My dad's idea of father/son time is letting me buy whatever the fuck I want,
which is really convenient when I need new things for my skateboard. xP
NeverShoutNever says:   10 June 2009   251753  
CarvingHearts says :   20 June 2009   538272  
I have numerous stupid moments...
Good times...
Goooodddd ttiimmeessss
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