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19 M United States of America
speaks English and Russian
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 My Love For You Was Bullet Proof But Your The One Who Shot Me<|3
*takes a deep breath* Okays. Hi there, I'm Zane, My best friend likes to call me Insane Zane x'D. I am different. If you don't like what I put don't message me. K? I have gotten many messages saying "why'd you write that?" Because I am who I am. I don't know why I am going to write this, not like you are going to read it all anyway. I'm That Person who You'll never Remember, who you'll never even knew me at all.That Person who always get picked last for everything. The person Who You never Cried For When I Died. No One will remember me. I Was just a person who took up space on this earth. I blow out my candles on June 22nd. I'm 13 years old going on 14. I'm depressed. I cut, and yeah. Don't like me? Go sit with the rest of the bitches waiting for me to give a fuck; Cautiuon: You may be waiting forever. It's not a new thing that I am not liked by people. Haven't you heard "Haters make me famous" So yeah, if you bully me, you are just wasteing your time, I don't look at it, so sorry fucktards; life=wasted. I don't like sympathy, and I didn't come here for that. I don't need help. I'm perfectly fine. The music I listen too is : Alensana, As I lay dying, Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack!, Black Veil Brides, Bless the Fall, blood on the dance floor, bring me to the horizen, bullet for my valentine, excape the fate, evanescence, framing hanley, my chemical romance, Panic! At the disco, paramore, pierce the veil, the red jumpsuit apparatus, suicide silence, three days grace, 30 seconds to mars, Adam lambert, sparks the rescue, Avenged Sevenfold, Avril Lavigne,Fit for rivals, eyes set to kill, Jeffree star, ke$ha, Miranda cosgrove, Motionless In white, Owl City, Skillet, Skrillex, The medic Droid, Tokeo Hotel, D.R.U.G.S, JJ Demon, Linkin Park, The Hit, Marilyn Manson, Megan McCauley, Maroon 5, Scotty Vanity, Sparks the rescue, Taylor Swift and more. My problems can be worse then they are. I feel like I am just that wasted space on this Earth. I am shy, people sometimes scare me because I don't know what they are going to do. get my heart then crush it and set it on fire? I cry over stupid things. I would Rather be Alone All By Myself. I Cry Over People. because I Put so much trust into them and they just fuck it up. Music is my only escape from reality. It blockes out everything from my fucked up life for at least 5 minutes. My favorite color is black. I hate the color pink, it should go die. Jocks and preps make me gag. I'm gay, meaning i like penis x'D I has no attraction in girls WHAT SO EVER! (In that way). I'm bullied for that. And I hate fangirls of BVB and stuff only because of Andy Six's looks. I mean, if you are going to fan girl at least know his real name and don't spell it "sixx" because its really "six" or "biersack" BVB lovers judge me and call me faggot but guess what? You don't know the real thing behind their music "Black Veil Brides main message that is sent out to fans is that you gotta believe in yourself and let NO ONE take that away from you. They basically say no matter how weird and unique you are, show it and have fun with it! Don't let the haters take you alive. " I love BVB for that message. I'm steriotyped, I'm starting to get pretty sick of all the steriotyping too. I love rainbows and unicorns. Im not perfect but i keep trying.. I love fucking cussing cause its the motherfucking shit. I love to sing, even though I can't, but everyone says I can wonderfuly. I love photography I dont have a lot of friends. I've been back stabbed so much that I try not to trust much. I like to wear eyeliner sometimes. I'm aparently not good enough for some people, but that's okay I guess. I'm forever alone. I like animals. I have a dog and a cat. I'm getting another cat soon. I hate people who go "Yolo" stands for YOU OBVIOUSLY LOVE OREOS DUHHH.Liars and cheaters can also go away. Don't lie to me, especially when you know I know the truth. I'm good at making people smile, but my mood can sometimes get people either pissed or depressed with me. I never wear the same colored sock. I have OCD. Spongebob is amazing. I have black hair and brown eyes. I will come and steal your soul. I love to have random conversations with people, it's more entertaining then "hi". I'm an arackniphobe. ew spiders are so gross. I love snakes though. Them shits are cool. I lose everything I own at least once. The hell is fucking Swagg? Well I have more swagg than you. Wtf. No Clue. I'm british :3. i can be your worst nightmare when your on my bad side I'm very sensitive I dont like to put my problems on other people. I love "bad" weather, but to me it's good weather. I love the rain mostly because it can give you a good reason to cry to other people. I don't really enjoy the company of annoying or ignorant people. But who does? I like paranormal activities. I use the Ouija Bored a lot. It's cool. I refer to everyone as mortals or muggles. I laugh when strangers hear me and give me funny looks. I like making bead braclets. It keeps me busy for a while. I'm destroying myself. Repairing myself from the damage I've done. it takes time for me to like/trust someone. I won't fall for you if you're easy to get. Until one day, so for now I tend to keep to myself. I always make extra efforts trying to understand anything I put my mind to. Your opinions will never affect me. Honestly id rather be alone inside my head than interact with people. I don't like to get close to many people because usually I'm the one that gets hurt in the end. I'm loud but quiet at times, I try to keep to myself, try to slow down and realize whats going on. I'm not like anyone you will ever meet. if you think your gonna get under my skin and make me doubt who I am, you've got to be joking. Oh!I'm a fallen angel and I set the fucking world on fire! x'D No, the RAPISTS are down here! They're SO SCARY. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <DIV style="color:#20F2FF; background-color:#000000; font-family:Comic Sans MS; font-size:14pt; font-weight:900; background-image:url(; background-repeat:repeat; background-position:right; background

Q&A Section   
‹JustDon'tFuckItUp› 14 Jun 12  
ð-ð I write it as sixx, as I also write it likk instead
Insane_Zane 14 Jun 12  
It's not how you write it though. when andy created that name he didn't want it
sixx it was six. I hate how people use it that way. It's the stupid fangirl
base. I hate all the fangirls that are all over any <.<
‹JustDon'tFuckItUp› 13 Jun 12  
*-breathes hard-* Be a love. read mine >:3 muhahah 
Also, Andy Sixx or... Johnny Craig
Insane_Zane 13 Jun 12  
It's "six" Not "sixx"
‹Tickle_My_Pickle!› 13 Jun 12  
Is that Jayy Von Monroe? Dude, I fucking love you. :D
Insane_Zane 13 Jun 12  
‹I Fell And I Flew› 13 Jun 12  
Have a picture.

Welcome to Kupika, buddy. :D
Message me sometime.
Insane_Zane 13 Jun 12  
X'D Thanks
‹I Fell And I Flew› 13 Jun 12  
Look at your face on your profile picture.
No wonder your friend calls you "Insane Zane". :D
Insane_Zane 13 Jun 12  
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