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All About Fruits Basket

Hi, this page is all about Fruits Basket, the Manga... The basics: Tohru Honda used to live in a tent after her Mother passed away. When she was walking to her High School, she stumbled apon a house in the woods. After closer inspection, a man appeared surprised that Tohru was outside his house. After introducing themselves, Shigure Sohma gets hit on the head by a bag that Yuki Sohma carried. Yuki Sohma was the High School "prince". Yuki and Tohru walk to school together, and when they get there the Prince Yuki fan club ask Tohru why she was walking with Yuki to school. Her friends Arisa Uotini and Saki Hanajima scare the Fan club girls away, and talk about why they where asking her. At night, Tohru gets back to her tent, from work, and Shigure and Yuki find her tent. They invite her into they're home, when Shigure says a landslide has happen near the tent. Tohru runs to the tent only to find it destroyed by the landslide. They go back to Shigure's house and Tohru is sent to bed with a fever. There she tells Shigure why she was living in a tent, before falling asleep. Yuki thens goes out to dig up the tent. Shigure asks "Do you want help, it won't be easy digging it up alone." Yuki says " I never said that I was going alone..". At this, Yuki's eyes turn bright purple and he turns to face us, he holds up a card with the kanji "Rat" on it. In the background a sliding door opens and a load of rats with bright eyes are seen moving. The next morning, Tohru wakes up to find the picture of her Mother, which was buried in the tent along with her stuff, in front of her. Yuki then greets her, while putting her things, which were in bags, down. After this, Shigure asked Tohru weither she would like to be their house keeper and live with. Tohru accepts seeing she has no where else to go. Yuki takes her to the spare room, when Kyo Sohma drops in from the roof. He challenges Yuki to a fight, when Tohru tries to stop him, but slips landing on him. There is a Boom! and in Kyo's place is an orange cat! Tohru then falls onto Shigure and Yuki, turning Shigure into a black dog and Yuki into a white rat! After Tohru runs down stairs, she finds out the animals can talk! Shigure then explains the the Sohma family live with a curse. If they are hugged by another of the opposite gender or are under stress, they transform into the 12 animals of the Zodiac. The cat, is not included, which goes with the old folk tale of the Rat tricking the Cat and said the Banquet that God invited the animals to, was the day after. The Cat, believing the Rat, waits until the day after next to go to the Banquet. That is why Kyo hates Yuki. The men transform, and Tohru panics because she is late for school, as she gets changed, she finds out her uniform is covered in mud. Arisa and Hana let Tohru use the schools washing machine. As Tohru comes out from changing, she meets Yuki, Yuki asks if she told anyone about that morning, Tohru says that she would keep the secret, but Yuki doesn't seem reassured. He tells Tohru of a time when he transformed in front of his friends, and everyone of those children's minds had to be erased. Tohru says that's fine, but as long as she could be Yuki's friend, which takes Yuki back to a memory of Akito (the head of the family) when he said that no-one would every want to be friends with you if they found out Yuki's form. At the weekend, Kagura Sohma calls at Shigure's house, to see if Kyo is home. Kyo is then annoyed and tries to get away from Kagura. Tohru then asks herself if she is a member of the Zodic, which Shigure confirms. Tohru then does the laundry which Kagura asks to do Kyos. Kyo runs off and Kagura puts the whole washing up powder in the machine. She then goes to put the kettle on for Kyo when he gets back. The landury is finished and Kagura splits one of Kyo's shirts in half will trying to dry it. The kettle then gets dropped on the floor and the kitchen catches fire.
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