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My Storys.

Here, I will write my storys,etc. First;y I will write a chapter of each, and if you want more ask for more in comments. Thanks. -IndieHuggles
Story 1:Twisted: He fell to the ground. The blanket sheets fell with him slowly, as he put his ruffled hair and head into his cold hands. He was in love with her. He knew it. He was in love with that girl, the one with the peircing green eyes, the one who stole his heart when he had just been broken. The one with the devilish grin, the one whose eyes gleamed when she saw him, her dark brown hair was so normal, so unpaticular, but the way she wore it was amazing. He knew he was in love with her, but he barely knew her. His heart trembled, his stomach twisted into a tight knot. More of this story will be only if requested, other story below has been updated regardless
Story 2:Dark: She looked up, feeling the cold breeze of the unfamilier air on her face. She turned around and watched her parents drive away and leave her. Again. Every term, a new boarding school. They said she had behaviour problems, she wouldnt speak to anyone, she never did the work, she just doodled on the side. How is that behaviour problems? She said to herlsef holding back the tears,again. She sighed and looked at the school brochere in her hand, and compared it to the school itself. Usually, on the leaflets they exaggerate, or use a photo from years ago. The photo probally was from years ago, but the school still looked like a dark castle of misery. But the people walking in were something else- beautiful white features, gleaming eyes or red, and gold. Dark spectacular hair or different chades of aubern, mahognany, silver. The school bell rang, and the peircing ringing carried on through her ears as she ran as fast as her stick thin legs would carry her. She wasn't going to get expelled again. Her vision slowly blurred as the rain seeped into her eyes, and she felt a thud, and fell. As she regained conciousness she saw a boy next t her on the floor. She stared motionless at him, he was possibly the most beautiful creature she had ever seen. His eyes were golden, and cat-like, looking like pure diamonds. His black messy hair hang over one eye in a sidefringe, it would usually make a person look emo, but he just looked amazing. He was wearing the unconfortable school uniform in a fashionable way, it suited him, like he was born for them. He looked questionabley at her as to ask why she was staring at him like he was her god, and she quickly stood um stumbling, looking away from his face. "S-sorry.. I.. I mean..." she mumbled nervously. He rolled his eyes. "Its okay.." he said as he picked up his fallen rucksack, along with hers. He handed it to her touching her skin, and she felt ice cold, like death was running through her senses. He spoke again, softly"Look, we better get to class. your new right?". She took the rucksack quickly swinging it onto her back and mumbled " new..thanks...umm..yeah.." she said awkwardly. He took her arm and guided her into the building.
A new story is coming soon,beware .___.
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  ‹[♥Nerdasaurus♥]› — Page created: 17 June 2010
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Jessicaaa says:   17 June 2010   543267  
Very descriptive, it makes it interesting. Hm, keep writing. Ain't bad:]
‹[♥Nerdasaurus♥]› says:   17 June 2010   862373  

Okay,Ill write a bit more then wait for some more people to [hopefully] comment c:
exquisite says:   17 June 2010   733811  
I like your stories, they're to the point but descriptive at the same time making it
worth the read. 

A problem is though very tiny, your punctuation. For example wouldnt would be
wouldn't. Simple yet effective change!
‹[♥Nerdasaurus♥]› says:   17 June 2010   513141  

Im sorry, Im very bad at punctuation on computers- I can do it well when actually
Thanks alot anyway, Ill try when I write more c: ♥ 
Lyssa_Love says:   17 June 2010   997549  
~  I really enjoyed reading your stories ^ ^  You're very good at writing. I hope
you'll write more! :D
‹[♥Nerdasaurus♥]› says:   17 June 2010   981856  
Thanks Chica, I will soon! :3♥ 
‹Ella ★› says:   17 June 2010   537934  
Stories is spelled with "ies".
Get it right.
‹[♥Nerdasaurus♥]› says :   18 June 2010   501939  
But get a life if thats all you came here for:L 
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