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Short Intro For A Roleplay

"I'm gonna get you...
You can't run away...
I'm always here..."

Taunting words rung out through the air. They teased everyone from the little toddlers to the elderly. Scaring even the
bravest while they dream. But where was the source that caused this epidemic of horrific dreams? Who does the creation
of nightmares? To answer these questions was to ask the shadows. Ask the darkness that surrounds you. They have a name,
a name that is common in the pages of the book of history; Sleep. This Demon haunts anyone all around the world. She
doesn't come out into the sunlight because her shadow minions disappear from the blazing glare of the morning sun. The
moon is their mother for it creates the eerie shadows and blackness of every corner. Sleep creeps in and out of all the
alleys, buildings, and homes, spreading her evil throughout the earth. She sends her minions to invade the personal
dreams of a person's mind while she walks the streets, feasting on the happiness of unsuspecting victims. Her attire is
as simple as it was back at the beginning of time. A deep red dress of silk hugged her slim frame nicely while it hid
under a large and over sized black cloak. Her hood was drawn up as always, trying to draw attention away from her
non-existent eyes. She had black holes of perpetual darkness that held the evilness of her being. Under the hood was
layers of ebony hair, some of it poking out on the sides of her small neck. The cloak had long sleeves that ran past her
pallid hands. The only way one can see the slender fingers was when she held her black and gray broken teddy bear. The
teddy bear also had some evilness to it; maybe that's where her shadows minions waited patiently (no one exactly knows).
Sleep wore no shoes in order to stay as quiet as possibly while she entered homes and other public areas. Though she is
a Demon, she does not have a tail or a demonic pair of wings, but she does have very pointed and slightly jagged teeth.
Those who have experienced the evil doing of Sleep say she has no voice only a scream that shook the very core of your
being. Others say she does, they say it sounds velvety soft but, at the same time, piercing like a dagger through the
heart. Sleep was always hungry for the good emotions of the Mortals; they tasted so sweet. Tonight the Demon of
Nightmares produces her minions and walks the back alleys of her new hunting ground, or to the humans London.

"Bring the Light down,
All the way to the ground.
Return from the ashes you crawl,
Disorder and chaos shall fall
From the sky up above to the
World that shall lose its love."
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